Thank you to the nurse who made me what I am today!

  1. Once upon a a land far far away......I had one of the best mentors who taught me how to be the best nurse that I can be. She taught me EKG's and how to critically think. She lead us by example with joy and humor.

    When I grew up I wanted to be her.....Thank You! Thank You! Thank you!

    Here is a picture of her of her sim lab today!
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    Cool! Love it!
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    HAHAHAHAHA! I love it. My school put masks on the mannequins, but nothing like this!
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    I have often been did you get to be the nurse you are......this is one of the major reasons. I had giving talented mentors

    Happy Halloween!
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    That's amazing! So creative and fun
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    I love it!!
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    made me scared for a minute