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Once upon a a land far far away......I had one of the best mentors who taught me how to be the best nurse that I can be. She taught me EKG's and how to critically think. She lead us by... Read More

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    How great when you have a mentor like this. I had one or two like that along the way ...never really during school or any of the "formal" precepting times ...but off and on, a great traveler would come through, or a staff member, or someone who was just calm, confident, and most of all, didn't fry me for every mistake I made ... thanks to those types of nurses out there -- WE NEED YOU!
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    One year when I was an instructor my six year old and I spirited the mannequin out of the learning lab on Friday evening for attendance at my Hallowe'en party on Saturday. The six year old did not see me pocket the exchangeable genitalia, (and she was away with her father for the weekend).

    But when Ms/Mr Mannequin sat in my rocking chair in a black slip and a red wig...and people DID lift up the hem to see the, um, male parts, s/he was the hit of the party.

    We smuggled him/her back in on Sunday night, and no one the wiser. Gawd, I wish I'd had pictures.
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    That's awesome! What a great way to make school fun!!
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    Putting an IV, and a cath in Frankenstein's monster AND making him NPO to boot...very unlucky nurse . I'm sure keeping Dracula out of his blood infusion wasn't easy either.

    And do I spy TGIF potato skins next to his bed? Bad NPO monster!!

    EVERY nurse should have a kick-butt mentor. It makes a huge difference! Hope y'all had a great Halloween!
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    I love it! What a fun way to learn
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