Thank you note to preceptor after orientation?

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    I'm on my last day of dayshift orientation tomorrow, before going to nights. I want to give my day preceptor a thank you note for everything she's done. Is this an okay thing, or would it be considered a little overbearing (or weird?)

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    I think your preceptor will be appreciative. I would, however, give the preceptor a greeting card with a quick 'thank you' note inside.
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    It would be very sweet. Everyone loves to know that they are appreciated.
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    Well what I have is a generic "thank you" greeting card, blank on the inside. I wasn't going to write it up on notebook paper or anything
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    How thoughtful and polite. I think she would sincerely appreciate it. That's so nice of you.
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    I like getting thank you notes at the end of preceptorships. I've gotten a couple of nice gifts certificates along the way too.

    Do it.
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    I'm sure she would appreciate it.
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    On the unit where I oriented as a new grad, it was tradition for the preceptor to have flowers sent to the orientee on the last day of orientation. It was the best kept secret on the unit, (perhaps the only secret because the orientee was always surprised. Of course, the orientee always followed up with a thank you note, and sometimes a gift.

    Definitely appropriate and not overkill or wierd!
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    Definately not weird at all to thank someone who has helped you out. I sent my preceptor flowers at the end of my orientation with a card that had a picture of painting that I had done so after the flowers died she would always know that she touched not only my career in a positive way but my heart as well.
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    Wow grinnurse - how wonderful!

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