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As nurses, it’s our job to make patients better, to improve their lives in some way. For acute care nurses, the goal is to help patients recover from an illness, surgery, or accident. Rehab nurses... Read More

  1. by   smiley65
    As a student Nurse, and a volunteer in a PICU, AND a Mother, I can only imagine how hard that nothing (which was actually everything) was. That was a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing.
  2. by   bookwormjoy
    that really was beautiful...
  3. by   mazy
    As a geriatric nurse I have to say thank you so much for writing such a beautiful article and giving me the chance to experience your world. You do amazing work and you bring such an amazing spirit to the job.
  4. by   CrazierThanYou
    Beautiful story. These types of situations have been on my mind lately. We have a local baby who has been near the brink of death for months now. All these procedures that are done to him day after day... I just wonder sometimes if its the right thing to do...
  5. by   oneofthesedays
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    no offense, but after reading this, "Just started", it all makes more sense.
  6. by   jaijagadeesh
    Hi,i am strong male (nurse)i recently got my CRNE result and failed i was very upset but din't cried even though i spent around 3000 dollars,but your post made me cry,honestly i did not read it completely,i was watching a clear picture of the baby and his family when i am reading are a good writer.keep it up,
  7. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from mindlor
    i stopped reading after the first sentence. i do not feel that it is a nurses job to make patients better. a nurses job is advocate and care for patients as they progress through their life span, whatever that life span may be.
    it was a beautiful article -- emotionally beautiful and beautifully written. i'm sorry you didn't take the time or make the effort to read it. unfortunately, you did take the time and make the effort to diss it. you skipped over assessment and straight to evaluation and plan. there's a message in there somewhere.
  8. by   MissBrahmsRN
    omg, you are making me cry...i'm considering a switch to pedi critical care but can i go to work and lose a darling pt (full code or DNR) and then go home and not cry my eyes out or want to hold my own 2 children nonstop while bawling...alot of tough questions to answer...beautiful story.
  9. by   RN in training
    oh my gah. bawling my eyes out. thank you so much for sharing.
  10. by   DeliveryRN2007
    I have the utmost respect for PICU nurses. Thank you for what you do! Beautiful article <3
  11. by   TigerLilie
    Ashley PICU RN,

    As I read the article, I couldn't helped but get teary eyed. You done your part. You allowed the family to take control of an unfavorable situation. I can't fathom the hardship of saying goodbye to a dying child. I want you to know I Thank you for doing your Best, Thank you for sharing this article and the plight PICU nurse's experiences, Thank you for being YOU. We as nurse's have to make hard choices and sometimes there aren't many option.

    I pray for the family and all the other nurses who have to make difficult decisions. Decisions that will change not only the lives of families, but yours as well.

    G-d bless you and keep you at peace
  12. by   JeneraterRN
    Waaaaahhhhh! Oops, sorry. That was touching, thank you.
  13. by   Bortaz, RN
    Great article, said what I've had on my mind since I lost my first NICU baby after caring for her for three months. The parents drop by the NICU occasionally, to visit those of us that were part of their terrible journey.

    Every time I see them, I secretly hope they're coming to tell me they're pregnant, that they've finally gotten to the point that they can take that difficult step, to go through the risky business of childbirth again...because, deep down, I know they're one day going to be fantastic young parents to a healthy, beautiful little baby.

    They're going to get another chance, going to get that little soul to love, and raise and cry over. Because they deserve it.

    And I pray to God that I have to walk clear down to the mother-baby unit to visit their new angel, and that said angel never has to see the inside of my NICU.

    Edited to add: this had formatting and nice paragraphs when I hit enter...I promise.