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resumecpr has 7 years experience and specializes in ED, ICU, Education.

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  1. resumecpr

    VisaScreen eSaved Docs

    I'm renewing my VisaScreen and have all of my transcripts saved in the eSaved section. I don't see how to access this to include it with my renewal application. Anybody done this yet? Contacting a live person at The CGFNS is a challenge. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. resumecpr

    Student Concerns...

    I know a nursing student who frequents the local ED seeking narcotic pain medications...which she always receives. I am concerned for her ability to treat patients while using narcotic medication. Can I anonymously report her? To who?
  3. resumecpr

    Online PALS Class

    Thanks for all your responses! I signed up for the online AHA class and scheduled the skills check-off with my local EMS educator. Total cost...$225. The other non-AHA class was $275 AND I would have missed out on a great concert in LA. Now I get the best of both!! Score!!
  4. resumecpr

    Was I in the wrong to try to call 911?

    So what happened after her "seizure"? Did she get up and skip away?
  5. resumecpr

    Online PALS Class

    Hello All, I need a PALS class ASAP before I begin a new job. I have taken it before but need the 2 day as my previous has expired. . Do the online PALS classes provide AHA provider cards? Anybody with any experience taking an online PALS class? I have looked at pals training.com and they seem legitimate, but I'm not about to spend $300 without knowing what type of card I will receive. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!
  6. Kathy White for sure.
  7. resumecpr

    Could it be a heart attack or Pneumonia?

    How about an EKG?
  8. resumecpr

    Have you ever puked/fainted/etc at work?

    I was in my final year of nursing school, working in palliative/oncology. I had helped a patient to the bathroom (IV pole and everything) when the tunnel vision began. I managed to squat to the floor to avoid falling as the patient called for help. My mentor picked me up and put me in a chair and wheeled me to the break room to lie down. How embarrassing! My patient later stated that she had never seen someone turn so pale. Apparently I was over-doing it with 3 jobs, full time nursing school, and commuting over 2 hours a day.
  9. resumecpr

    PVC and PAC in ECG rhythm

    I would suggest taking a 12 lead EKG class. Is it not mandatory where you work? Recognizing all types of cardiac rhythms is definitely a qualification for any ICU nurse (where I work anyways).
  10. resumecpr

    shocked @ email received

    We recently started having madatory work email. On the first week, we ALL got many emails from a penile enlargement company, and adult lesbian pornography video sales!
  11. resumecpr

    Ventilators and how they work

    Remember the pneumonic DOPE? D - Disconnection O - Obstruction P - Pnemothorax E - Equipment (failure)
  12. resumecpr

    Doctor and nurse

    " I have seen the difference education and experience in nursing makes. Nurses look at their patients...sometimes reading even the smallest cues that things are wrong, this includes physical and emotional aspects. I have rarely seen physicians with such abilities" YES!!!!
  13. resumecpr

    Doctor and nurse

    I wanted to be a MD, but didn't want to go away to school as my father had recently died and I felt like my mother needed me. I went to nursing school instead and got my Bachelor's degree. It was only when I was actually in nursing school that I decided to be a RN. And in the last 10 years, I am so glad I chose to be a nurse instead. I can travel. I can take month long vacations and get paid. Doctors can not. I get paid overtime. I am the eyes and ears for the doctor. And I paid off my student loans in
  14. resumecpr

    DUI/DWI in Maryland

    PBJ? Peanut butter and jelly?
  15. resumecpr

    Helpful Hints: Female Patient Urinary Catheter Insertion

    For larger patients, I put the bed in trendelemburg and always drop the siderail so I can better position myself. Sometimes I ever have another nurse or two hold her legs up and apart. Haven't missed one in a few years.... (and I'm talking 400-500 pound patients)
  16. resumecpr

    New CPR Song for New CPR Rate?

    Re : Bangarang. Hahah!!! I love that song...however, I feel that I may start trying to spin on the patient's chest rather than compress it..

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