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  1. resumecpr

    Student Concerns...

    I know a nursing student who frequents the local ED seeking narcotic pain medications...which she always receives. I am concerned for her ability to treat patients while using narcotic medication. Can I anonymously report her? To who?
  2. resumecpr

    research questions

    Try Your school approved research engines such as MedScape or PubMed. Google may also turn up some articles. AACN just published a really good article recently. Further, therapeutic hypothermia is extremely comon in most hospitals now. If you're doing your clinicals in one, perhaps you can score a copy of the orders. As you begin to learn about the ins and out of post-cardiac arrest hypothermia, you may then decide what really perks your interest and focus your paper on that.
  3. resumecpr

    Pushed Around..

    Update..much later of course. I was asked to give a verbal statement of the occurrence by her manager. She was given a counseling and has never worked on our floor since...
  4. resumecpr

    Things you tell newbies

    If they lie there and let you do it, they probably need it...
  5. resumecpr

    Reality Bites...

    Thank you all for your comments and suggestions. I have been a charge nurse on my current unit for over 2 years. I am one of 7 RNs that has worked on the unit for > 2 years. We employ about 80 RNs. There were 2 supervisor positions open, and I was asked to apply. There are still 2 positions open. Not one week after the interim supervisor started, I was taken off the charge schedule (actually scribbled out)...many colleagues questioned it and I was unaware of the plan to remove me from charge. I had to ask leadership what was going on. It is a challenge for me to pick up and change jobs in my area. First, I am Canadian on a work Visa, second, there is only one other hospital in the area. For now, I have chosen to lay low and have the full support of my fellow staff nurses. They are like family to me. I only talk about my newest climbing adventures and how I need a new mattress. Thanks again. :)
  6. resumecpr

    Are 24-Hour Open Visitation Policies a Bad Idea? (Yes)

    Not too long ago I had a patient re-infarct in front of me. He was already supine from his earlier cath. Vomited his 5 pounds of food all over 4 RNs and was tomb - stoning. I literally had to physically push my way through three visitors in order to get a 12 lead and then unfortunately begin compressions. No matter how polite I was, the patient's sister in law would not leave him alone and was insisting that she keep his brain intact by rubbing his head. When we got a pulse back and rushed back to CVL, she decided to begin her exercise regimen in the middle of his room....I'm talking sit-ups, push ups, and air squats. Then she asked for a coke. I explained where the kitchen was and she said, "I know, I just want you to get it for me." I have some ambivalence toward 23 hour visitation.
  7. I'd go to culinary school. And cook for all my nurse friends!
  8. resumecpr

    Reality Bites...

    So, I've been working in adult critical care for about 10 years now. I've been having some issues with morale at my current job, and was feeling the urge to make a change so I applied for the supervisor position in the ICU I've been working in, as well as the PICU. (HUGE change going to PICU, I know!) Not 2 weeks after I applied, we hired an interim Supervisor to help with the many many issues on our floor. I then found myself in the office with this interim Supervisor, being told I was being pulled from charge nurse and other leadership type responsibilities due to my "negative attitude." I asked for direct examples, he had one. Just said that a new grad overheard me speaking negatively about another unit. So, there goes my chance at supervisor. Further, my PICU interview went very well. I was told I was the most qualified by the interview commitee. Today I learned that the job was given to a nurse from med-surg with 1 year of experience. I have a feeling that "negative attitude" was heard through the grapevine. Now I am at a loss and feeling completely inadequate. I do not feel like I mean a thing to the organization I work with. I have never had any bad feedback in over 3 years. I'm thinking I should just cut my losses and travel nurse. A huge change for me as I am settled socially and am not sure where to go, where to store my stuff, etc. Any advice is appreciated. I'll even take criticism. Not like it can get any worse...
  9. resumecpr

    Best Nursing Quotes

    Post # 3 : That's Patch Adams!!! Love it!
  10. resumecpr


    Any patient who requires amiodarone IV needs to be at the very least monitored on a telemetry unit. Where I work, these patients are in the ICU and have VS every hour and on continuous monitoring. The half life is about 45 days and the side effects are numerous. Hypotension and bradycardia are two common side effects. It is contraindicated with patients on Diflucan as it can prolong the QT interval. I have never pushed amiodarone unless the patient is in cardiac arrest, following the AHA ACLS guidelines. The dose is 300mg. Usually after the patient stablizes (2-3 days depending on many many other things), the MD will change the Amio to PO. Usually between 200-400mg PO BID. Hope this helps.
  11. resumecpr

    Abnormal EKG and Elevated Troponin Post CABG

    Why wasn't cardiology informed...and his surgeon? This guy was way out of the scope for a hospitalist. If his troponins were increasing, and his chest pain was not subsiding he needed to get a repeat EKG and probably to the cath lab. You did a fantastic job advocating for this patient! I hope he did well.
  12. resumecpr

    ACLS Experienced Provider Course

    Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) Experienced Provider (EP) [h=3]Audience[/h]The course provides training for: • Healthcare professionals • Clinicians • Scientists • Others who frequently respond to emergency cardiovascular and special resuscitation situations in their work environment [h=3]Course Content[/h]• Expands on the core ACLS course with the 5 quadrads approach • Special resuscitation emergencies (e.g., drowning) • Toxicology emergencies • Metabolic emergencies • Deeper knowledge for understanding and treating ACLS patients This is directly from the AHA website. Super fun learning and you also get to recert ACLS at the beginning of class.
  13. resumecpr

    Pushed Around..

    I'm a RN. Been doing this almost 8 years. I have been involved in countless codes, not to mention running the code blue team and teaching ACLS, CPR and PALS for over 6 years. We don't teach pushing.
  14. resumecpr

    Pushed Around..

    Just wondering what other opinions there may be out there about an incident that happened to me the other night at work. A patient had a syncopal episode while being ambulated after open heart surgery. The nurses lowered him to the floor and called for help. I arrived, and began to assess the situation, making room for the crash cart, and applying oxygen to the patient (he was awake at this point). The RT arrived, and while I was applying oxygen, she pushed me (physically pushed my arm) away from the patient. No verbal warning, no, "excuse me", nothing. I looked at her and stated assertively, "There is no need to push me, we are all here to help the patient." and continued to work with the patient. I do not feel comfortable speaking with the RT at this time. She is a bully and has been rude and unprofessional other times towards me. So, I tried to use a 3rd party to discuss the matter a few hours later and she was defensive, stating that it's bound to happen in those types of situations and that's just how she does things. She tried to tell me that I was in the wrong for being in the way. I explained to her that she could have asked me to move or tap my shoulder, but pushing is not appropriate. She continued to deny her mistake. At this point she said, "It's over and done with, and I'm not talking about it any more." So, I have just spoken with her manager about the incident. Have I taken this too far?
  15. resumecpr

    Would You Rather....

    What would you rather do?Work at the bedside for 20 plus years?ORGo back to school for a doctorate in nursing after only about 10 years of bedside nursing?Who would you say has more respect in the world of nursing? I'm torn.
  16. resumecpr

    Don't Know What To Do.. (Prospective Student)

    Try CNA first. Less money, then you'll for sure know if nursing is what you want to do. Good luck with your EMT course. As for pre-reqs, A and P, Math, English, and other sciences.