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  1. resumecpr

    Are 24-Hour Open Visitation Policies a Bad Idea? (Yes)

    Not too long ago I had a patient re-infarct in front of me. He was already supine from his earlier cath. Vomited his 5 pounds of food all over 4 RNs and was tomb - stoning. I literally had to physically push my way through three visitors in order to get a 12 lead and then unfortunately begin compressions. No matter how polite I was, the patient's sister in law would not leave him alone and was insisting that she keep his brain intact by rubbing his head. When we got a pulse back and rushed back to CVL, she decided to begin her exercise regimen in the middle of his room....I'm talking sit-ups, push ups, and air squats. Then she asked for a coke. I explained where the kitchen was and she said, "I know, I just want you to get it for me." I have some ambivalence toward 23 hour visitation.
  2. resumecpr

    Best Nursing Quotes

    Post # 3 : That's Patch Adams!!! Love it!
  3. resumecpr

    Room 827 - Nursing Ghost Story Article

    Excellent story! Well written!
  4. resumecpr

    North 14 - The room where the patient died.

  5. resumecpr

    Help!! Sticky situation relating to "abuse"

    If all else fails, you can have the lab work you ordered and the discussion with the family as back up. At this point you can't jump to conclusions about the DON's intentions. Best of luck. Lesson learned. Document, document, document.
  6. resumecpr

    Is there a nurse on the plane?

    Not while on a plane, but while I was walking through an airport once, I witnessed two people fall about 100 feet from each other, and 15 minutes apart. The first was a middle aged woman who had a syncopal episode. She just kind of toppled over while walking off the moving sidewalk and made a dramatic screech. People ran over and encircled her, but no one knew what to do. I made my way through the circle, and by this time the woman was awake, A/O. She was tearful and stated that she had just lost her mother and hadn't eaten all day. I did a quick neuro exam, checked her pulse, made her sit up against the wall, and ran to get her an $8 orange juice. She began to drink, thanked me, then managed to walk over to the food court with her family. As I started on my way across the food court, ANOTHER lady (this one was much older), slipped and fell. SHe didn't speak english so I tried my best to communicate with her. This time, I was concerned for a hip fx. so I found security and had them call EMS. I stayed with her another 30 minutes, supporting her head and holding her hand on the floor of a busy airport until they arrived.
  7. resumecpr

    The CEO said WHAT!!!!

    You nailed it right on the head! Thanks! I am Canadian, but have worked in the US for over 5 years. All the ICU and telemetry NM have resigned. I think that makes about 10.
  8. resumecpr

    Staff Appreciation

    The BEST gift I ever received from a co-worker and dear friend was a personalized stamp. "Your Name Here RN." LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!! And I believe they only cost her $4 each!!
  9. resumecpr

    What can the prehospital crews do in your area?

    In NC, one county's EMT-Ps can RSI and TPA due to long transport times (approx 1 hour to the closest facility). For both they need to have a MD order. This particular county won National's in 2010.
  10. "All bleeding eventually stops."
  11. resumecpr

    What do you do when you're a pt?

    I had surgery last year in the hospital I worked in. I never let any of the nurses know who I was. However, it was all the administration, co-worker, and NAM visits that kind of ruined it for me. When I was discharged, I saw that someone had put a VIP sign on the door of my room!
  12. resumecpr

    New Grad in the ICU, words of wisdom from the pro's please! :)

    We have a "bible" here by Kathy White. A great reference tool. Remember, teamwork will get you through a crappy shift. Don't take it personally when a doc wags his/her finger at you and screams at the top of their lungs. Finally, "You don't know what you don't know." Congratulations and best wishes for a successful career!!
  13. resumecpr

    New grad know it all

    I have to wonder if this is a generation X / Y difference.
  14. resumecpr

    Lost my cool

    I think what you said was perfect. It was by no means rude or condescending. You were to the point, and your focus was on the patient. I would not apologize. I would also make sure I didn't have that patient back again. Well done, IMHO! =;
  15. resumecpr

    Drug Screen question

    Lol! Gin and pot! Talk about some happy nurses!!