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Online PALS Class


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Hello All,

I need a PALS class ASAP before I begin a new job. I have taken it before but need the 2 day as my previous has expired. :(. Do the online PALS classes provide AHA provider cards? Anybody with any experience taking an online PALS class? I have looked at pals training.com and they seem legitimate, but I'm not about to spend $300 without knowing what type of card I will receive. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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The ones I looked in do not. The cards I've seen state "taught to AHA standards" however the AHA standards require an in person skills component

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It's like the ACLS company someone else posted about recently. Most hospitals require PALS card to be AHA. American Heart Association does not trademark the terms ACLS or PALS so other companies use them. I would shop around at different hospitals and private paramedic schools for a PALS class. The odds of finding one within a month is likely but I don't know the cost.

I don't know if you can do PALS online with AHA but if you can, you'd still have to do a skills checkoff.


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You can do ACLS/PALS online though the AHA (ahaonline.org or something like that...) but have to go to an instructor for a skills check-off. Since all the in-person classes when I was coming due for re-cert didn't fit into my work schedule that's what I did and it worked out well. For sure, it was a little more costly than a standard recert course since I had to to pay the AHA and then a separate $40 or so payment to the local EMS service since they did my skills test. But, given that I could do the majority of my training at home, on the couch, with a beer instead of sitting in a classroom for the better part of a weekend, that was a good deal, IMO...

On edit--since I did it through the AHA, I got genuine certification cards and the place I just got hired accepted them as the official re-certs they are.


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Thanks for all your responses! I signed up for the online AHA class and scheduled the skills check-off with my local EMS educator. Total cost...$225. The other non-AHA class was $275 AND I would have missed out on a great concert in LA. Now I get the best of both!! Score!!

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You're employer doesn't provide this class? We have free mandatory education in hospital.