Teacher turned Nurse

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Nursing and Teaching are alike, and not alike.

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    Teacher turned Nurse

    I miss teaching. I miss summer vacation. Christmas vacation, Easter break, President's day. I miss the bell that says "go home", or the one that signals the end of a horrible class. I miss teenagers, the chatter, the hang-dog looks, the laughter, the tons of long healthy hair.

    Even cafeteria duty which used to be a punishment. Listening in on pre-pubescent conversations to get a hint of what the next generation is thinking. Standing in the corner looking bored so they don't know I'm taking it all in.

    I miss teaching. Seeing that light bulb go on, hearing myself explain something I really know and looking into young eager eyes that want the information. Priceless. The feeling that something good and real and valuable has happened here today. Sitting quietly with a 14 year old whose friends have decided to 'hate' her today. I miss it.

    And yet--nursing the elderly has it's moments too. No doubt it's worthwhile. I still get to intimately connect with other human beings. Only this time it feels like most of the learning is on my part. I've been a teenager, I know what they feel, how they think. But old is something yet to be for me. I can only imagine how old feels. I love hearing the stories when they can tell one and when I have the time. The "good-old-days" when there were no TV's computers or pollution. When people connected in ways we nostalgically wonder about. When Sunday was a day of rest and that meant sitting in the parlor talking. Think about that for a minute.

    Looking into old eyes I see the child, the teen, the young man or woman. The lights are still on and someone is in there. They look to me for care, understanding and sustenance. They shake their heads sadly when I just don't get it and I'm frustrated. I can ease their aches for awhile, give them the gift of my time, or a magazine, some cream on their feet. I can try to listen and empathize. They need me, well maybe not me exactly but they need the connection with a younger generation just as we all need connections with people older and younger than ourselves. We are all teachers and we are all students learning how to live how to-be.

    So yes I miss teaching and school, but the world is school and learning never ends. Sometimes though I just wish the bell would ring.
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    Thanks for your thoughtful and articulate commentary. My family (multi-generation) is rife with educators & Im the odd duck because I chose Nursing. This helps me to understand their perspective.
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    Well written and enjoyable article. Don't rule out school nursing someday...I think I have the best of both worlds!
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    I miss teaching as well, especially the bell, the vacations, the lightbulb moments, and getting home every day in time for Oprah!!
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    nurses are the crucial link between patients and doctors in our nation's health care system. depending on the circumstances, many patients spend far more time interacting with a nurse than they do with a doctor. physicians diagnose and prescribe, nurses administer. doctors may practice medicine, but it's nurses who perform medicine.

    teachers play a vital role in the development of human beings. what people learn and experience can shape their views of themselves and the world, and affect later success or failure in school, work, and their personal lives.

    you have picked two wonderful careers that can greatly influence people.

    why not consider teaching nursing to lpnís or even rnís to bsnís

    laura thompson
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    Thank you for your comments and suggestions. Laura, that's what I am thinking...but first I need some experience. I've only been nursing for 10 months. I'm 52 years old and getting ready to get my RN. I love learning, so it's not a chore for me. Thanks again! I also love writing!
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    I graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Education in Dec '09 and am now a certified substitute. Now I am in a Pre-nursing program. I know I will miss teaching but I am excited about starting nursing. I hope to become a pediatric oncology nurse.
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    This was a great article, very well written. I'm also a teacher-turned-nurse.
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    I was a teacher once too and now im almost done with my nursing program... the job market is so bad, if i can't get a job at hospitals... i can't even go back to teaching (even teachers are getting laid off) ... man... sometimes i think about what if I had just stayed...
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    Awww - such a good way to look at the two professions. Both frustrating - both rewarding - and in both worlds listening to stories that help by just being there.
    Thank you for teaching that. Thumbs up!
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