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Super Job no longer listed??

  1. 0 Had a super wonderful job interview today. I was told "we will get back to you within two weeks". "We have several others we are interviewing and need to make a decision but won't until at lease next week.

    Today I was on Career Builder. THAT job is no longer listed. OMG what does that mean? The website for that hospital also shows the job has been filled. I only interviewed this morning

    Was I given the old cliche' about "we will be in contact?" ?? Now, my wonderful job interview doesn't seem that it went the wonderfully?
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    I am sure that they just had plenty of applicants that were already interviewing, that they just didn't want to take any more applications! Just make sure you follow up after a week if you haven't heard from them! But really, do not get too worried!
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    I hope you sent a thank you letter after the interview so you stand out
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    Agree with Abak...they took it off because the position is in the process of being filled. good luck!
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    I was a bit taken back. You always know when an interview goes well. This was exceptional. I sent an email professionally written back to managers who interviewed. At this point, this is all I can do.

    Waiting game. tick tick tick.
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    With the economy the way it is right now, any job that gets posted lately has a huge influx of applicants. I recently posted 2 positions for RNs in my clinic, one part time one full time, and I received over 200 applications in the 5 days it was posted. I asked my recruiter to take the job posting down so that I could sort through the applications I did have. I ended up interviewing only about 5 people face to face, but those interviews took about a week to do. This means I phone interviewed first, then a week to face to face, then reference checks on the candidates I likes (another week), and then finally I was able to offere the positions. So there was a few weeks that the job posting was down, but I was still actively looking for people (if that makes sense!).
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    Email isn't acceptable. Write a thank you note by hand and mail or hand deliver it.

    And I agree, they probably just took it down because they had a sufficient response pool and know for certain they will hire one of those candidates, and want to stop the flood of responses.
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    Quote from linearthinker
    Email isn't acceptable. Write a thank you note by hand and mail or hand deliver it.
    That is your personal opinion, not a fact. I have done a great deal of hiring and actually prefer a professionally worded email to a hand written note. I can refer back to emails much easier than I can to finding a note somewhere in my office. Also sometimes the notes don't even get opened due to getting stuck in a stack of mail. I interview a lot of people, I really don't want them hand delivering notes - that would be a lot of interruptions in my day. To me, email in this day and age is the perfect way to go.
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    You put together a professional resume, you did not hand-write it. I believe in being professional throughout and either sending a business formatted letter or same as email.

    I think that the little handwritten note card deal is ridiculously bush league. Cards and notes are for thank yous for party and dinner invites or gifts given. Just MHO.
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    hey i noticed from some of your other posts, that you live in SD area. My hospice is hiring RNCM and TM. Apply! You sound great!

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    good luck! i hope you get the job!
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    OP: I would not count yourself out of the running until you receive a rejection notice. The listing removal may or may not have been related to your interview.

    Best of luck!