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BrandybunsRN has 12 years experience and specializes in Cardiac.

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  1. BrandybunsRN

    Nurses fired for refusing flu vaccine

    While I personally do not like the flu shot either.... I have been required to get a Hep B vaccine, MMR all current, etc etc .... so not sure how this is so different?
  2. BrandybunsRN


    Oh no, the visit was simply with the pacemaker clinic to check his device a second time. This means he would have met with the nurse checking his device... no vitals, no anything.... and definitely no physician.
  3. BrandybunsRN


    It is drilled into us over and over again in nursing school and throughout our careers to be a "patient advocate". Yet, again and again I come across instances where someone will not tell a patient the truth. This week I had a patient who phoned in ...
  4. BrandybunsRN

    RN Cath Lab Interview

    Ideas on questions to ask: - Is the position for scrub? Recovery? circulating? Or a combination of all of the above? - Will there be call (evenings or weekends), if so what are the expectations/rotations per month? - Will the cases all be cardiac, or...
  5. BrandybunsRN

    Dumb things new nurses do....

    I have to tell you that this one really made me laugh! As soon as you said "ostomy" and "powder", out loud I sat here saying "ohhh please don't be glue!" .... LOL Thanks for the visual :)
  6. Chamberlain College Press release: Important Chamberlain Communication: Accreditation Update-January 5, 2012 Chamberlain College of Nursing has been committed to providing our students with a quality nursing education and student experience for more...
  7. BrandybunsRN


    Congrats! Now that you've been through it, you can be an inspiration for other nurses and/or potential nurses!
  8. BrandybunsRN

    What kind of nurse are you?

    I definitely adjust to the situation, as I'm sure we all do to varying degrees. There have been times that I've had time and given a patient a backrub because she was so uncomfortable and her attitude went from horrible to tolerable (making my night...
  9. BrandybunsRN

    online statistics course and excel

    Many of these schools require Excel, so check with your program. Remember that you will have to turn assignments in to your instructor and they will know whether or not you are using the correct/required program or not.
  10. BrandybunsRN

    What Precepting Means to Me

    Being a preceptor can be a challenging job, and you've done a great job by adapting such a positive attitude! I find it sometimes difficult to walk that line between being there for the new nurse and "hovering" too much/too little. I like to let th...
  11. From someone that hires nurses on a fairly regular basis, I will tell you that if I see a resume with that many jobs listed in such a short time - I won't waste my time on even interviewing. When I hire someone I would like it to be someone that wil...
  12. BrandybunsRN


    Best advice of the day! Always label your medications and double check what you are giving before you give it (even if you're double checking that you are indeed flushing with the syringe markes saline).
  13. BrandybunsRN

    Working with student nurses

    I don't think the OP was stating that these students are ALWAYS annoying, just that there were times. I don't think this was meant to be as "flaming" as some people think it is. I don't mind having student nurses with me, I think it's fun to have th...
  14. BrandybunsRN

    student nurse venting about paperwork

    I would be upset also if no one had taught me some of thebasics of charting. We learned the basics though in many of our papers or care plans we had to write. In all that information in the paper was subjective data, objective data, assessment and ...
  15. BrandybunsRN

    Frontier Nursing University...Question?

    You could also word it to say something like "I plan to make school my first priority and commit my majority of time to strictly furthering my education". You can let them know that you have no kids/etc..... but also let them know that because of th...