Student much do you owe?

  1. I went to a private college for my BSN and I'm in the hole nearly $45K

    Looking back, I wish I would have not been so impatient and applied at a nearby public university...but I was afraid I'd be stuck on a waiting list for ever and a day. Ah, well.

    How about you?
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  3. by   redbeans
    originally 50k, but i couldn't decide what wanted to do and that's 7 years of school, now i 'm going back for nursing. i on'y owe 45k now. went to a public university.
  4. by   tigerlily345
    $50,000. Private University. Accelerated 2nd degree program.
  5. by   ghillbert
    Nothing. Paid up front. Worked very hard to save up.
  6. by   rnto?
    Umm, I went public and owe 75K. *headdesk* This number makes me scared to go back to school.
  7. by   slowrunner
    $30k under my name and now my mom expects me to pay for the loans that she took out for me, which is another $45K... and I went to a private university and dormed for the first two years
  8. by   Rednights
    50K BSN
  9. by   locolorenzo22
    28K, prereqs and nursing program for a Associates degree at community college.
  10. by   AndieWoke
    i worked full time in a snf to pay as much tuition as possible and my personal bills (which is an experience that i never ever hope to repeat) and returned to school full time for two years straight, 3 semesters a year to get my bsn. it was rough, i had a really crummy living situation but it was almost free so i stuck it out. after all of that i owe 16k in subsidized loans and am hoping not to have permanent hypertension. but i haven't seen a movie in years, been to a bar, whooped it up, dated anyone, and i wear thrift store clothes and walmart clearance items, except for my shoes.
    i plan to continue living very frugally and paying off my loans this year and maxing out my retirement contributions too. i am blessed to have a job and intend to make the most of it!

    :heartbeat andie
  11. by   RunningRNBSN
    ~ $60,000 and I did my BSN at a public school.

    However, the first few years of my schooling was at a very expensive public school until I transferred. I have been living on my own since I was 18 and have had to pay for school myself on top of all of your regular living expenses, thus I had to take some money out for living.

    I went to school with a guy who walked out of school with his BSN with $160K! He went crazy with loans and would take out up to $15 - 20K a semester to live off of AND he worked. Him and his wife lived a lifestyle that was over the top... everyone warned him about taking out so many loans but he said he could pay them back after school. He can't even afford his student loan payment and he is considering joining the military because they would pay off $50K of his student debt.
  12. by   Multicollinearity
    I owe $49,000. No regrets. Yet.
  13. by   RunningRNBSN
    And to add to my previous post -- I am midway through a masters program and so far I have paid for tuition out-of-pocket. I've had to defer my federal loans but am paying on all of my private loans from my undergrad loans.
  14. by   sarabear44
    I am about to do an ABSN program and maybe you all can give me some wisdom. I'm applying to public and private. The private is about $50k and the private $30-40k.

    Is it worth it to save $10k and go to a slightly less prestigious school? Is it a big deal to you now that you have to pay off the loans? Did anyone try to apply to a loan repayment program like NHSC or Navy or anything??