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I'm wondering if anyone has encountered experienced doctors who will never change their orders, even after you explain to them why and how their orders are inappropriate - nicely, courteously,... Read More

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    Quote from DogWmn
    OP I feel your pain, years ago I worked in a University Family Practice Clinic that was the training ground for the interns/residents. But we were fortunate enough to have a GREAT Dept. Head and he really lowered the boom when they came in saying something very similar to Ruby's guy. Even so we'd get some real stinkers and they either shaped up or shipped out. A perfect example is Dr. nitwhit just came from a seminar on IUD's and wanted to give it a whirl on a woman with chronic PID ...we had one go around - he was insistant even though I refused to do the set up..he's rumaging around trying to find the supplies on his own, my head nurse comes to assist and I catch her eye and shake my head and I show her the chart and she's like. I go down the hall to the dept. head and tell him what's happening and ...oooooooohhh boy did he get a new one.

    As long as you have a good back up, your safe and I'd also document document document every little thing when he steps over the line.

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    Quote from DixieRedHead
    So I have this patient who is crashing and burning before my eyes. You know, the nurse eyes.

    I call Young Doctor so and so, and tell him to get his rear in gear, get over here, talk to family because this old guy is a full code and has so much wrong with him that he's never going to see the light of day.

    For once, he came, got the DNR. The guy dies 10 minutes later. Young Doctor says so quietly "How did you know he was going to die?" " I said "That's not the point, what made you think he wasn't?'
    Dummy me, I have to ask - how did you know and why didn't you just tell him how you knew? It was a teachable moment, wasn't it?
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    They thinks like this: I'm a doctor, you're a nurse.. SO I AM YOUR MASTER HERE.
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    when i was a new grad i was in a pacu (great place to learn a lot!) and the chief of surgery brought in a guy with multiple abdominal drains and a periodic antibiotic irrigation to run into the middle of the mess. the fluid it was to be mixed in wasn't specified, but i figured that if there was infection in there, d5w was probably a bad idea so i mixed it in ns after checking with my boss (wonderful older nurse who had seen it all). she said, "good thinking," and told me to tell him when he came back to check on the guy.

    so an hour or two later he comes back, i tell him what i've done, and he gives me the hairy eyeball and stalks to the desk and writes that the irrigation should be mixed in d5w, slams down the chart and stalks out. we transfer the guy to the icu...and they tell me the next day that within about two minutes of my giving report and leaving him in their bay, doc runs in, grabs the chart, and changes it to ns before they hang the next bag. sheesh. (yeah, this was the same chief of surg who hung the intern out to dry on the carotid lady...)

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