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  1. Okay everybody...I have labored over how to present this situation but after working today I just have to connect with fellow nurses for some insight. We have three nurses on my unit who moan and complain about everything. Two were interim directers of another unit before coming back to work here in this unit. To make a long story short; they are bullies. They spend alot of time trying to pick apart the mistakes of others to the point of pettiness. (When I was in orientation one went to the unit manager and complained that me and my mentor had too many chairs-two out at the desk and two in the room for bedside charting-by saying that it was a fire hazard to have so many) The unit manager succumbed to her and made us give two up. I was recovering a fresh heart and was asked to watch another assignment because one of the complainers wanted to go home. I balked and was told that I HAD to watch the other two pts. It's no secret that two of these people always play the race card against the unit manager. I am the same race they are and it disgusts me every time they do this. The unit manager is intimidated by the bullying and everybody knows it but nobody will do anything about. We just started an open heart program here and it is suffering because we are being given innappropriate assignments because they can't stand to see us with just one patient. But they don't realize how labor intensive a fresh heart is. One nurse can be put in charge, have two pts. and be expected to secondary the new heart. All because of the complainers no matter how hard we try to plead our case. So, I have two situations. The bullying and the really unsafe staffing. We started with 8 nurses 4 on nights and 4 on days. We are down to 1 on nights and get this: our unit manager has travelers working who have other full time jobs. Therefore they can't help fill holes in the schedule but our poor nurses are working 4 and 5 weekends in a row. That's why the last two quit. Me and another nurse intend to speak to her in the near future. I would just like some back-up. Help.
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  3. by   sjoe
    All I can say is that this is a VERY familiar kind of story on this BB. The poster has usually been advised to give the facility an opportunity to change, with appropriate input by writing, meetings, etc., and then to quit when it does not change (and it usually seems to NOT).

    For what it's worth.

    Look through past threads and you'll see what I mean.
  4. by   mattsmom81
    Is it not a written policy that fresh hearts be 1 on 1 til hemodynamically stable and extubated? That is pretty much a standard in most heart hospitals in my area.

    I don't know if that bit of info will help, but in your situation i would quickly push for such a policy and ask your thoracic surgeons for support. Good luck and hope you can make some headway. I would not do fresh hearts without a policy like this, personally.
  5. by   purplemania
    Get away from there with your license intact.
  6. by   live4today
    If I were an open heart patient first day postop, I would only want one on one care from the nurse caring for me.

    Refuse to take more than one open heart patient who is fresh out of the OR. Stand your ground. You are legally required as a licensed nurse to put your patient's safety above all else, and protect your license in the process. Don't allow them to take away those two legal rights from you. Seek legal counsel or see your Employee Relations person. Walk if you must!
  7. by   Agnus
    Consider taking the post that you placed here and presenting it to your manager.
  8. by   New2CVICU
    Thank You all for your support.
  9. by   renerian
    Maybe another unit would be good?