Splendid Opportunities in Nursing

  1. 21 Nurses, make $30-$35 a week!

    The Chicago School of Nursing was one of the first, largest and most popular of the Home Study nursing programs The school was founded in 1899 by Dr. Orville Juan Perkins, a graduate of Bellevue Hospital Medical College. Thousands of women compleated the 53 printed lessons and sent answers back by mail and became nurses.

    This 30 page booklet "Splendid Opportunities in Nursing" was published in 1936 and explains in detail how the program works. The booklet answers all the questions one might have about the school and its gradates "INTRODUCTORY ANNOUNCEMENT: The reputation and standing of the Chicago School of Nursing is international. Our students come from every state in the union as well as from foreign countries and C.S.N. graduates are successful everywhere. In our long years of successful teaching - the Chicago School of Nursing was founded in 1899 - we have helped thousands of ambitious women to achieve success. Read this book carefully. It contains a message of vital importance for YOU." The C.S.N. played a big part in the early history of nursing and this is a wonderful nursing collectible.

    Chicago School of Nursing Home Study Booklet 1936

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    Reminds me of the online courses they offer these days
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    I believe there are still splendid opportunities open for nurses until now!!=)
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    Yes if some of the big conglomo hospitals had their way we would be all making $30 - 35 /week
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    $30-$35 a week!!! I'm in!!!!!!!!!
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    I'm guessing they were practical nurses? Once upon a time all one needed to be a practical nurse was a certificate from a doctor stating that he deems you capable in providing competent bedside care.

    I've actually seen this ad in old comic books. Makes you wonder who their target audience was.
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    Darn, I thought it was an ad for a current splendid opportunity in nursing! LOL
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    Adjusted for inflation, $30-35 is $496 - $579 in 2012 dollars. I guess that probably was a good deal during the Great Depression, although they probably all ended up with less student loan debt (or none!) than we do today!!

    One of my favorite writers, Dorothy Day, was a nurse and lived in Chicago in the early 1900s. I wonder if she went to this program?
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    Quote from alotusforyou
    they probably all ended up with less student loan debt (or none!) than we do today!!
    Very good point alotusforyou!! That is exactly what I tell people who wants to go into nursing school right now. Do not sink that much money into it, you might get Royaly disappointed.
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    Laugh as you all may............. as an LPN in the early 70's, I made $94.00 a week....... in the mid 70's as an RN....... I made $160.00 a week. Just think about that one and this was probably 50 years after the ad for $30-35 per week....We got by back then and learned to budget and that you couldn't have everything you wanted and if you wanted it bad enough, it was saved for rather than put on "credit". This world of "immediate gratification" is going to be part of our downfall.
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    My grandmother received her practical nursing degree from this school back in the 1930s. I still have her diploma and class photo. I remember her caring for elderly folks in her home.
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    I think I still look quite a bit like my image there on the brochure...LOL
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    Quote from BrandonLPN
    Once upon a time all one needed to be a practical nurse was a certificate from a doctor stating that he deems you capable in providing competent bedside care.

    All I have to say is thank goodness it's 2012 and not 1936!

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