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    Let me start off by saying I'm currently 31 weeks pregnant. I get so darn hot at work it's unbelievable. Especially when I get stuck in an isolation room assisting with a thoracentesis for 30 minutes in one of those plastic blue gowns, or if I'm in a TB isolation room wearing a fricken N95 mask. I have had to stick my head in a freezer for like 15 minutes a couple of times because I thought I was going to pass out. What do you think about getting a little fan for my cow? (Computer on Wheels) Have you ever seen anyone do this? It's always so hot in a lot of my patients rooms because I work on a pulmonary floor and a lot are old with pneumonia and are "freezing cold!!"
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    Another option might be a cooling vest. We use these a lot in the OR when we have to crank the room temp up or wear lead for an extended time. The ones we have are basically squares with two pockets, one front, one back, held together with velcro. The pockets hold up to 4 ice packs. I know they've saved me a time or two (and I've never been pregnant). This could also go with you everywhere, whereas a fan on the computer can only go where the computer goes, and biomedical engineering may have an issue with a piece of electrical equipment that they haven't approved- ours are so picky that cell phone chargers are banned.
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    Yeah, I thought of the whole biomed thing. I figured if I had a battery powered one without a cord it would be less of a risk. I might have to look up this cooling vest. Where would I get one of these?
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    At a former hospital I worked at, pregnant nurses weren't assigned to isolation rooms...
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    I'm not sure what company we ordered ours from, but has quite a few hits when searching cooling vest.
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    You can get your own personal little cooling fan! Lots of ladies order them for hot flashes and such.
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    One clerk I work with puts a ice pack in her bra. Really helps. I am not pregnant, but have been so hot lately. My hormonal issues don't help LOL. You could try the ice pack in your bra. Can go everywhere. I wouldn't be taking TB isolation rooms if I were you. Your charge shouldn't be assigning you to that.

    I totally understand how you feel being hot all the time. I think it got worse after I had my little boy almost 4 years ago. (I can't believe it has been that long!)
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    No suggestions but you might want to check before buying one of those little fans (even battery powered). They are strictly prohibited at the nurse's station in our hospital.
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    I'm pretty hot at work, too. Have to fight 'em off...
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    Why would you not put a pregnant woman in an isolation room?

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