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In my job as a postpartum nurse, I take care of moms and newborns. This is a happy place to work. The rooms are filled with proud parents, beautiful infants, and picture-snapping relatives. Cute Onesies lie on the table, and... Read More

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    And all this policy written by those who do not wear uniforms.

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    ----and wouldn't know what to do in a code if someone's life depended on it...oh, wait, it does. Oh, you're the ACLS certified code team leader but you're not in white? Well, let's get the person who wore white but is so new they can't spell ACLS to run the code....
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    "In the race to snag more patients, corporate bigwigs sometimes come up with cheesy magic tricks designed to make their facility look better than the competition."

    *** Ya like Magnet.
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    OH! Would I love to send a copy of this to corporate! THANK YOU, rn/writer.
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    Remember this isn't about Healthcare anymore, it's about who is the best regardless of the care given and who can offer the cheapest price. That is where the smoke and mirrors come into play !
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    This is one of the best articles I've read on here. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry while reading it, because it is so right on. When I went into nursing, I was so idealistic and ready to help the world! However I learned very quickly that the powers-that-be have a different mindset. Nursing is regarded (at least by most of the public) as a very noble profession. I am often told that I'm a hero, an angel. And although those are nice things to hear, I find myself biting my tongue more and more because I want to go on a tangent about the realities of nursing. Most of the general population has no idea about the truth behind the slogans, smiling faces, fancy fountains in the entryway, and flashy ads.
    Thanks for writing this. I wish I had some fantastic idea about how to change this corporate mentality in health care, but all I can do is re-read your article and cry (and laugh) a little bit more.
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    You must work at MY hospital.....very well done!!!
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    Its called marketing and it is based on the American system of competiton. Unfortunately it is the only information some people have to base their healthcare decisions on.
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    When will they finally invent that Robot Nurse? They keep trying to turn me into one and it is not working.
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    This is the best article I have read on allnurses in my memory. Not only because its so accurate, but the writing is excellent. Awesome
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