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I'm not one to complain or moan or gripe all that much I love nursing,love caring for my patients and have been commended by my co workers, patients and patients family for the nursing care I provide. however, last nite *I... Read More

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    Yes Hypoxia can cause people to do odd things, but this woman was stabilized and still acting up and lying? I have seen patients do this to get their family to come around. and I have seen other staff members do this too, just for attention. I had a lady who complained of CP, I was at lunch and the other nurse on duty assessed the resident. It was determined that the resident had gas, vs were good, resident used bathroom felt much better and proceeded to go to bed and sleep. I continued to check on her and monitor her, with nothing unusual for her going on. Just as I'm reporting off to the day nurse the aides yell for us to come down and check on her, the aides then proceed to tell the day nurse that this resident has had chest pain all night and that we have ignored her. The day nurse believed what I told her as these aides were known to exagerate alot. But it made me feel bad, what if the wrong person had heard that? I charted everything that was done and observed that night.

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