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    Hello to all of you wonderful nurses! This is my first post after lurking around for a while, and I'm hoping you can share your stories and offer some words of encouragement, because I am ready to scream. I'm a pre-nursing student working on my second degree BSN. I'm finishing all my prerequisites this semester and was told in the summer by a university here that I was admitted for their Spring '12 semester to take their required pre-nursing classes. I have to take these classes at this university to even be considered for admission into their nursing program. I went to register for classes today and was told that, since I already have a degree, I can't even be considered for the 2 year nursing program there. Instead, I'm automatically put into the accelerated option and must wait until Fall '12 to begin taking the pre-nursing classes. THEN I can apply to their nursing program. Why I wasn't told this when I visited them in the summer with my transcripts to make sure everything was on track, I don't know. I am going to be applying to two other universities here in the area, but I am so discouraged by the never-ending roadblocks to becoming a nurse that I have already encountered. First it was repeating 8 prerequisite classes that I'd already taken and passed as part of my first degree. Then it was being told that I have to take four pre-nursing classes at this college, even though taking them there will in no way guarantee me entry into their nursing program. Now it's that I can't even take those classes until next August. Keep in mind that I have been going to school full time for the past 6 months in an effort to complete my prereqs sooner, because I was told in the summer that they had to be completed before I started pre-nursing classes in the spring. I am so fed up with this place and with constantly getting the runaround from them. I'm worried that, since I quit my job as a medical assistant in June in order to finish the prereqs sooner, I won't be able to get a job to hold me over until I hopefully actually start nursing classes somewhere. The point of this vent is to ask HOW any of you actually got to be a RN, especially if you were a second degree student. Is this kind of crap typical of second degree programs? I don't know if it's that this university just doesn't have it's stuff together, or that this is all pretty standard. Again, I am applying for fall admission to two other universities, but I obviously have no guarantees of being accepted anywhere. I'm starting to wonder if all I've done is rack up debt and wasted my time for nothing.......any stories on how you achieved your goals or advice is greatly appreciated, because I am FED UP.

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    Not to sound cliche but there may be a silver lining to your cloud.

    I understand that you wanted to get the prereq's out of the way and it must be frustrating that you are going to have to wait another semester to start on some of them.

    But, if you are accepted into the accelerated BS program, you will probably graduate at the same time that you would as with the ASN in Nursing (most accelerated BSN programs are about 18 months, while most ASN programs are two years after prereqs) Also you will graduate with a BSN in Nursing which is most esteemed than an ASN. Also, another plus, is that there is usually less competition in getting into an Accelerated BSN program than an ASN program.

    I'm a second degree student and I'm going for an ASN and I have one more semester left of it. I could of have went with accelerated BSN option but schools in my area that offer it are out of my price range.

    The people at my school are very clear about what you need to graduate but they were vague in how to get into the program. Most of the information that I got, I had to look up online and had to constantly remind myself of when things were due. It was frustrating but it was very much worth it when I was accepted - I love Nursing. =D

    Anyways, good luck and try to think positively. =)
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    Ask for an appt with the dean. Ask what you may have done differently, and ask how the system might function more efficiently for people with your background.

    And ask whose head should roll for giving you shoddy information.

    Glad I did this 30+ years ago!!!
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    Thanks for your reply! This school is very disorganized and unclear about their requirements and programs - when I took them my transcript in the summer, I was told that I could seek entry into either the 2 year BSN or the accelerated BSN. This school has been one constant source of frustration - I had to "clear" student health and submit a current transcript before I could register. Well I submitted all my records to student health over two months ago, didn't hear from anybody, couldn't get anybody on the phone/through email to tell me if I was "cleared", and finally had to go over there to find somebody to talk to in person, just to be told "oh yeah, if you submitted your paperwork two months ago you were cleared then". Then I had to submit a current transcript to register, which I did a month ago, and after my conversation with them today I feel like they didn't even look at it. They said today that if they had known I already had a degree, they would have let me know that I couldn't take anything until fall of next year. How can you not know I had a degree already when I had to send you a transcript showing that I already had a degree????? Believe me, trying to get straight answers from anyone over there is like pulling teeth - there is no information on their website, they never answer the phone or return calls, and they don't return emails. The only times I've gotten information was when I physically went over there and had to hunt people down to talk to. I'm trying to think positively that the reason all this is happening is that I'm going to be accepted to one of the other schools and I can just write this place off!!!
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    I would write the place off. I got accepted to Columbia Univ in NYC in the accelerated BSN-MSN program, went there and left before the end of the first week for many reasons. One of those reasons was their level of disorganization. I was very disappointed...

    I am going to reboot that plan but with Vanderbilt this time, hopefully it will go better.

    So the moral of my little anecdote is, do you really wanna go to this school?
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    Hello flying_ace2,

    In my opinion, your experience with this school is not typical of the nursing school admission process. The process is indeed confusing especially since there are so many entry points into nursing. However, the closed-off nature you describe is not normal or acceptable. I may even go as far as to say that it is a sign of a poorly run school or a school that may not respect the challenges their students go through.

    The general tidbits of advice I have for you when it comes to the admission process are...

    1. If you are transferring to different schools, check with both the counselors of your current school and your prospective school. I have been misled by both at times but cross-checking definitely helped me. Your current school counselors may not have the most up-to-date information on outside nursing programs. The prospective school's counselors may not know what the best way to fulfill your prerequisites at the school you are currently attending. If your prospective nursing school programs have their own "in-house" counselors, even better. As you have already seen, going straight to the source (sometimes in person) gets you the best answers.

    2. Try to get things in writing. Ask your counselors for some sort of written plan of attack for the courses you need to complete, a copy of policies, procedures, deadlines etc. This way the whole she-said, he-said pucky can be kept to a minimum. If a school cannot produce clearly written guidelines for prospective students, that's a red flag.

    3. Consider delays a blessing in disguise. There have been many delays in my quest to become a RN but I took them as opportunities to gain more work experience, review on my own, meet students in the current program and get tips from them, volunteer and take care of my health. Ultimately, I would not have changed how my life has turned out. Timing was perfect because I made it so. I came into the RN program stronger and more confident than I would have been when I wished I got in.

    Good luck!
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    I'm not in the states, but why can't you just apply to another university? Or apply to one earlier via external learning?
    Down here, we don't have a degree to get into nursing - we have one degree, BSN course that's it, to become a RN.
    And what is so bad waiting till autumn? Can't you just do extra training or go work in something else to get some money together? If ur young it won't make much difference anyway.
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    I'd go back and ask again and talk to someone else. They could have given you incorrect information, or out of date info.
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    I very fortunate in that I had no problems with my nursing school, & I was a 2nd degree student who'd been out of school for several years. I graduated with my BSN in 2005. Originally I wanted to do an accelerated program, but a very knowlgable nursing school recruiter discouraged me from doing it. I was glad I took her advice. I heard those accelerated programs are tough, and not very many students are successful, especially if they have other commitments like work. Good luck
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    When I decided I wanted to be a nurse, I applied to an ADN program. I got accepted, but in the meantime decided that since my goal was always to get a Bachelor's, I would just apply to the BSN program instead. I was very naive to how competitive nursing school was, so when I got accepted to the ADN program, I declined.

    I found myself two years later, getting rejected from the BSN program twice and then later rejected from the same ADN program. I was incredibly frustrated but didn't give up. I kept applying to schools in other towns, networking at the university I was currently attending, and my prayers were answered when I finally got accepted to a BSN program.

    So... I am very glad I stuck with it, I love being a nurse, and in the meantime I took advantage of opportunities such as working as a CNA in a hospital and finishing all my support classes.

    Don't give up!

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