Sign of the economy...grossly overqualified for the position...

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    We're interviewing for a tech position in our small department, and I've been amazed at the education of the applicants we've received. For this lab tech position (which pays about $12/hour), the applicants have Master's degrees in Microbiology, MBAs, one even had a JD! Holy heck! Is this truly how bad our economy is, that someone with a JD can't even find a job, that they're actually applying for a $12/hour lab tech position? Man, that sucks.
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    Again, doesn't surprise me at all.
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    Yup. My husband has gone from 6 figures to...well. Let's just say it is a very different world right now.
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    Yep, no surprise there! This economy is tough.
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    Yep. And you're dammed if you do, damned if you don't. New grads are struggling because they lack experience, and those with a ton of experience and advanced careers struggle because they're overqualified.
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    Well, we're definitely going to hire one of those grossly overqualified applicants, because alas, that was our applicant pool. It just surprised me. Of course, we'll undoubtedly be going through the same exercise again in another 9 months, once one of these overqualified people gets some experience and a better-paying job.

    FTR, these were all fresh college grads.
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    Good you didn't ask for a 3.5/4.0 GPA, and require they bring transcripts to prove it for that... how not funny/strange our threads really are a sign of the times. You guys being honest and sad for the general state of things, and these other guys from my post seem to want to take advantage...

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    I know, I saw that thread, how ridiculous. Our tech position really requires a lot more responsibility than what the pay scale is, I think they should pay at least $5/hour more than what they do. It's really a crime, IMO. Our current tech is amazing (she's leaving to go to PA school). They do at least 80% of what the nurses do, yet get paid less than half of what we do. It's disgusting.
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    I took a job making $8.25/hr after graduating nursing school because I couldn't find a job. After paying for transportation, somedays I would only make $20.
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    It's nice to see a thread that appreciates CNA's. We seem to be in the minority on this forum. I am blessed to have a CNA job making $11.25/hr while going to nursing school.
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