Should I go to Nursing School or stay at my Job?

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    Hello All! I have graduated with a degree in Social Sciences and now work a very nice job with full benefits for the state of Mississippi. However, I have always wanted to go into Nursing I just did not really think that I could do it. Now, that I am in a great Job, I cant help but wonder what the exciting world of Nursing would have to offer! I really love a teamwork enviroment and work well under stress and anxiety, and I love to help people. I think it nursing would be very rewarding after all is said and done. Anyways I am thinking about finishing my Pre-reques for Nursing online and then applying to a Nursing School. I am observing in the ER at a local hospital on Sunday to see what Nursing is really about. I was just wondering if it is worth quitting such a good job, to pursue Nursing as a career? Thank you so much, any advice would be helpful.

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    If you think it will ultimately be more rewarding, personally, then I say go for it. Just two caveats:

    1) Good for you for being proactive and doing some shadowing before you commit to starting a career change. However, unless you are definitely specifically interested in the ED, I would suggest that you try to get some time in on a med-surg floor; it's a whole different animal from ED nursing, and it's where you'll more likely end up for at least part of your career.

    2) Be sure not to burn any bridges at the place where you're working now, especially if it's a good job. Even though you wouldn't be looking to enter the nursing workforce for at least a couple of years yet (and who knows where the economy will be then), be advised that most new grads right now are having a really hard time landing that first job, and it would be good if you could hang on to your current job as a backup.
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    I have a great job with benefits and have also had the itch to become a nurse over the past several years. The economy is terrible and I think it will hinder many, however I think you will have to decide if it is risk the chance of jumpstarting a new career. I have been taking pre-reqs for nursing for the past 9 months and love it. I should be done in about 4 months and will be able to start applying. I am taking the move and it will hurt me financially for some time, but it is where my heart is. This is up to you!
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    Hi, after many years of "wanting" to be a nurse and not doing much to accomplish that I goal, I am finally in that state of mind that enough is enough and if this is what I want then time time is now.....get it together! Now with that being said, I hate certain aspects of my job (not all) but I am extremely unhappy! I am now working towards pre reqs to apply for nursing school, which upon graduation will help me to provide a better living for myself and my family. I have always wanted to be a nurse since I was a little kid and every job I've ever held was in a Hospital or Dr. office setting. Being that the economy is not so good I dont recommend you quit a job that you consider to be a good one. Every night I go to work I feel like walking right back out the door! I would like to quit but I would have to find another one first. Maybe you could try volunteering at the hospital or a nursing home to get a feel for what nursing is like? One day observing in the ER will be exciting but of course the nurses are going to put their best foot forward as to not give you any bad impressions and I just feel like you really wouldnt get a feel for nursing in that way. If you have family support and can afford to go to Nursing school, why not? I wish you well!
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    Why do you have to quit your job to go to nursing school? Many of us worked and attended school full time. That way you wouldn't burn any bridges. Good luck.
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    Remember nurses work weekends, holidays, and are usually on call some days. They miss some of the families functions etc. They sometimes have to stay over a 12 hour shift to chart. They sometimes get yelled at by doctors. Compare this with your job. I just want you to know some of the downside of nursing also. I did enjoy working with people and learning so much.
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    i wanted to add one thing..

    ahh..yes.. teamwork.. it really is a lovely *concept*, but as a nurse things can be so hectic and crazy, and understaffed/short staffed, that there is no 'teamwork'.

    i love teamwork, but in the real world you are often stuck alone..
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    Yes, that's true. It seems like on the medsurg floors there's not a lot of teamwork, but in lets say, the OR or cath lab, they work as a team to finish the case. I think it depends on the unit.
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    Stay at your job. Find a part time nursing program that you can do while you keep your job. If you decide that nursing is for you then you can transition to nursing after you get your license. I don't think there are lots of jobs in Miss to begin with. I know in my state - a state job is not an easy thing to get in any job market and the present economic conditions are no time to be walking away from state benefits and a job that you like.
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    The grass is always greener on the other side. Look around at some of the links that talk about the frustration involved in nursing. It is not the same for everybody but it is the same for alot of people. If I could make the money I make doing something else, I would be doing it. That being said, there are things that I do enjoy about nursing too. It is kind of a love-hate relationship. If you have a state job, I would not be so quick to give that up. Like another poster said, go to school and find out what you are getting into before you quit your job. Good luck making your decision.
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