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Hi all, I am meeting with a nurse manager and HR person at the hospital where I use to work as an ER RN. I left last october because I have decided to do EMS full time and I just needed a break from nursing all together. I am... Read More

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    Quote from hiddencatRN
    I would, even though they know you. If you're job hunting, you should always have a copy of your resume on you. Kinda like when you're dating you should always be shaved and have your pretty panties on. Just in case, you know?
    Good one.
    You just never know what will come up!

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    Haha funny! No I dont know because I have not had a date in months .... but anyway I went to the interview yesterday and brought it, but they did not ask for it, but I felt better knowing I was prepared.

    They did say they wanted me back cause I as an excellent ER nurse, but they also said I left with a negative attitude which is true. I was VERY burnt out when I left. I appologized for that and we will see what happens...

    Thanks everyone for your advice.


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