Shockingly Humbled - page 4

“She’s crashing!” yells the second year anesthesiology resident. His high pitched voice slices through the alarms that pierce the green tiled operating room. His forehead creases, and his eyes are wild as he rapidly glances... Read More

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    Did she die?

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    She made it out of the OR. When any of us asked Dr. Singh about her progress, he was polite, but vague, and just said that she was doing fine.
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    How sad/scary
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    Yes, I have looked at it also. Very well written. Fantastic!
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    Great Story. Wonderful writing. You need to be an author in "chicken soup for the nurses' soul".
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    Very dramatic!
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    gave me chills.
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    Stunning Canes, just stunning. So real that my palms started sweating and heart rate went up as if I were standing in the OR with you. Please keep writing, and please try to be published (if that is something that you want). You will soon receive a friend request from me because I want to read everything that you post.
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    great, well-written story!!
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    Interesting story! Did you mean ventricular fibrillation, though?

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