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Hey everyone! The most recent garbage to come out of my mailbox at work was a script, with actual things that they want us to say when we answer a call, enter a room, etc. I wonder if others have encountered this, and what are... Read More

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    Repeat the script, sarcastically. Find ways to make it your own. Customer service, reflecting with clients, you want me to do ....? Share your neccesary tasks that you are responsible for, and present some or your problems to these same clients. "Therapeutic environment", What's that? Expectations, we in nursing need to lower our expectations so we are NOT disappointed. Lower the customer's expectation, too. Reality is a statement, by itself. Take a chance, you have job security! CIAO
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    I'm reviving this old thread because I wonder if this practice is still being pushed by administrators in other places? Scripting is just part of this customer service plan at the hospital where I work. Along with that, we are now required to wear dept/title specific uniforms. We had to sign a contract saying we would comply with the new changes. If we did not conform, we could be expected to be dismissed. Also, we were informed that not all would like the new plan and we were welcome to find other jobs if we were not happy and they would understand. It is sad, because it was a nice place to work, we have always given great care and now this crap. I just don't get it. Nobody is impressed and morale is going to pot, but no one wants to say too much because of the contract we all signed. Anyone else experience this "plan" where they work?
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