Reflections of a New Grad - page 3

I had always felt that I had it in me to be a nurse. I had the heart. I had the courage. I had the brain. I thought I might have the stamina. A few months into the program, I realized…..that *I*... Read More

  1. by   txnursingqt
    Honestly when I first started to read this I thought, ok great here we go again...another religious post. Not that I am not a spiritual person but sometimes I just don't care to read alot of "preachy" posts, but yours was wonderful. You didn't preach, you just reminded me to belive in God and that everything will be ok. I needed to be reminded of that. Thank you.
  2. by   babysuckle
    Just armed yourself with faith...
    Remember chance favors the prepared mind..
  3. by   luv'nlife068
    Well said!!! I needed to hear this today. Sometimes through all the stress it's so easy to lose sight of why we are all here and why we want to and why God has called us to be nurses. For me, it's to care for people in need and if just ONE patient sees God's love in me, then I can say that I have done my job well!!!!! There is no way I could do this job and not believe that there is a God and that He is there with me every step of the way.
  4. by   Life_is_nursing
    Another Great Part of His Plan

    Excellent Job on this article I am a recent graduate and have worked during nursing school as a nurse intern on an oncology floor and received an offer to continue as a RN and I am reminded everyday that we are part of a his very special plan. I have been placed where I am needed and were I get to see on that daily basis how special we are to be chosen to be Nurses in God's amazing plan.
  5. by   poliwog
    Just beautiful...
  6. by   ocmd79
    I just wanted to say thank you for writing this. I was just laying in bed and wondering if I was doing the right thing by going to nursing school. I've always wanted to and felt like God was putting it in my heart to do so. Sometimes I let my nerves get the best of me, but that was a great reminder that ALL things are possible. Thank you.
  7. by   truliblessed
    Amen. That's exactly how nursing school is. I am so near completion I can boldly confess I will be successful because of GOD guiding my steps.
  8. by   molly16
    :heartbeat this is absolutely true! this poem gave me the strenght i needed today. i will always read it specially in my difficult times when i feel like droping out of the nursing program.