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Random question: Would you wear a $300 watch to work - page 10

I have been working m/s for almost 2 weeks and have noticed that so many of the nurses I work with wear either the Micheal Kors watches or coach watches. You wonder how I get close enough to notice... Read More

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    Hubby bought me a beautiful diamond-encrusted Bolova watch for our 1st anniversary--he even made sure it had a second hand for me to wear to work. It was so hard trying not to crush his spirit when I said I'd never wear it to work. I've got a $7 watch from Target that I wear to work. If it gets too gross I can just get a new one. I work with someone who doesn't even wear a watch; she uses a digital timer for 30 seconds to check a pulse.
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    I only own one watch, and unfortunately it is an expensive watch. I also work in a cath lab, which means a lot of blood on some days. It all cleans up quite nicely with a chlorhex or alcohol swab! I take it off when scrubbing due to infection reasons.
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    I wear a Tag Heuer watch that my husband bought for me. Because I like it.