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do you work with any nurses that seem to lack professional accountability and responsibility? Are you seeing a disturbing trend toward this?? This has been a discussion in one of my online classes and I wanted to get some... Read More

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    Quote from Tweety
    I see some isolated incidents here and there, but haven't really noticed any trends or an decrease in professional accountability.

    What that nurse did was deplorable, but is it right to extrapolate (sp?) out of this that nurses are becoming less accountable than in past years?
    Tweets...this discussion started in my online class. We are RN's from all over the US, working on our masters in either nursing education or management. We are discussing accountability, responsibility, stagnancy, pt advocacy....or rather the lack of that we have seen and what we can do to promote critical thinking and encourage professionalism.....when mentoring, reorientation, moving to a different unit, in-house and out of house conferences do not seem to work. I'm not trying to generalize or be judgmental...I am truly seeking some guidance here...trying to find a way to reach nurses that do not seem to advance their practice any further than entry level.

    Not picking on newbies....I've seem examples in experienced nurses also.
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    I worked with a nurse (traveler) one time who walked out of a code on her patient... she showed up about five minutes after it was called... she was fired (I think she had other issues like falsifying orders and such). I later read in my BON journal that she had lost her license for diverting and using narcs on duty.

    Society as a whole has gotten more casual about everything, so I'm not suprised that it is spilling over into the workplace. I'm lucky to work with a good group of people I guess.

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