Post-operative gas pains - page 2

by Ashley, PICU RN

What are the best ways to relieve post-operative gas pains from laproscopic surgeries and open abdominal surgeries. Some of our kiddos even complain of pain in the neck/shoulders where the gas has escaped. The physiology behind... Read More

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    I had a lap chole a few months ago and I had the classic gas pains radiating to shoulder. They told me to walk and I did, but it didn't work much. I also laid on the opposite side of where the pain was.It definitely was the worst part of the surgery. Pain meds did help though
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    'You mean there isn't a pill I can take for this??"

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    Quote from Ashley, PICU RN
    Thank you. I think I mean the referred pain from the diaphragm nerve (Phrenic nerve, I think). But I did remember a patient from nursing school who has serious crepitus in his neck, but I remember now that he was post-op a lobectomy, so a different surgical area. I appreciate the insight here. It looks like ambulation, pain mediation and time is really the only solution.
    Yep, he had an air leak from the injured lung (remember, surgery is just expensive trauma).