Pay for classes?

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    Just a quick question. When you renew your BLS, ACLS and PALS does your hospital
    1) Pay for the course?
    2) Pay you your normal salary for the time in class?
    Just want to know,

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    My workplace pays for BLS and ACLS. They also pay me for the time that I spent in the class.
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    Every facility is different, but many pay for or provide classes, and also many pay for the time.
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    My facility pays for BLS as well as the time in class. They will pay for the ACLS course, but that is taken outside of work time.
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    Yes and yes.
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    Yes and yes for both my current and my previous employer.
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    They would pay both of those if it was required for your work area, neither if it was not. They were really cheap there at the end; they cut out all education funding during my last 2 years practicing as a RN!
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    No, ACLS and PALS not required for my employment. They send us to a BLS class but we have to pay for it!
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    I have never worked for any facility that did not pay for the course, and my hours attending it......One time I missed the class (BLS recert) and had to pay for that- but that made sense
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    My hospital pays for BLS and time, ACLS I have to pay for but they pay for my time

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