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Working 3rd shift as a CNA on the Med Surg floor was a great introduction to nursing for me. It had taught me many valuable lessons I was not able to learn in school. I learned the benefit of a timely med pass, that a complete... Read More

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    Thank you for a great story.

    I wonder about his wife's reaction

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    Quote from TemperTantrum
    HAHA!! That sounds like a story my mom alwasy told about when she was a new nurse-- She had to perform CPR on a male, middle age patient in a shared room-- the other bed at the time was empty. The next week, she comes in to check on the same patient, and a new one had moved in to the empty bed, and the two were talking. When she walked in, her patient lit up and said "HEY FRANK! THAT'S HER! THAT'S THE NURSE THAT WAS ON TOP OF ME!

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