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romantic has 9 years experience and specializes in Med-surgical; telemetry; STROKE.

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  1. romantic

    Failed twice! CMSRN Certification Exam!

    It just means that you didn't study enough. that's all. Take a good webinar online. You have access to the videos for about 3 months. You can review every lecture as many times as you need. I did it 3 time per each lecture. And since it is a webinar, you have an access to the instructors, so you can clarify any information and any question. Plus they will explain how to pass the test, what to expect and how to study. It was very helpful. Next, buy a book or CD with as many questions as you can. And practice. Practice every day. Start with 20 questions and increase them to 100. Do it for a few weeks prior to the exam-- it will help you to concentrate and not to get easily tired during the exam. If you do these two things -- I guarantee, you will pass the test. Good luck. God won't give you more than you can handle...
  2. romantic

    Heparin dttp error- Ready to just out of my skin.

    Hi TheindecisiveRN. First of all, change your name (TheindecisiveRN) to something funny, or strong, or beautiful, or cool... You don't want to be weak and hesitant nurse... About your medical error. As a new nurse you will have your number of mistakes. We all had that period of learning curve when we made mistakes. Just prey that your mistakes will not kill your patient; be super vigilant, question any medication to be given by you, find your favorite person you can ask about the medication you don't recognize; do not rush yourself-- it is better to be late than to make a mistake. It is very good that you wrote yourself up after making mistake. It is better to reveal your mistake than let someone else do it for you. The mistake you made is not that terrible. I noticed a few times that nurses for some reasons were late with Anti Xa: or the patient is a very difficult stick, or something else happened. A few hours of delay will not kill your patient. It is very good that you called and notified the doctor. They need to know why the result is this instead of that. Tell yourself: "I can do it! I'll be the best nurse on my unit!" Do not let this incident put you down. study. study. study.
  3. Hi all, Do you retract the foreskin to clean the penis of your male patient? How much? completely? How do you assess the penis of the patient with condom? Will you continue to use the condom if after retracting the foreskin you noticed the redness at the very base of the shaft of the penis? Will you think that this redness was caused by the use of the condom even though the skin outside is intact? I got annoyed today when one of the nurses assessed my male patient and told me not to use the condom because when she retracted the foreskin she found redness inside. I usually tolerate criticism, remarks, etc, quite well. But today I felt really annoyed. Came home and started to search the internet for any information on application of the condom, complications, assessment. I couldn't find anything about this specific problem... Thank you, I am grateful for your input.
  4. romantic

    lunch break handoffs

    Agree! Meal break :) However, if you think about the word and its meaning, meal brake sounds more appropriate, since "brake" means to stop, while "break" means to smash, to hit... I am a second language speaker... so I think about this stuff sometimes...
  5. romantic

    Questioning a doctors order

    Always, always question the order if you feel that something might be not quite right with it. You are the last resort. Last protection barrier for your patient. Your concern should be: As a new nurse, will I recognize when to question the order?!" As regarding your charge nurse/supervisor or whatever this person was: She is dangerous to be around new nurses. Patient's safety is the first priority. And we are the last resort.
  6. romantic

    lunch break handoffs

    sorry for my writing. I read the first sentence and realized that it makes very little sense :) I wanted to say that we don't have much of a proof.
  7. romantic

    Critical Care NP/PAs

    Hello Juan, How long have you been an NP? You said there are 17 and 5 NPs; how many females NP are among them? Thank you.
  8. romantic

    To suction or not?

    Thank you for the good point. I know that in asthmatic patient lack of respiratory sounds is a bad sign-- complete obstruction of airways; though, I never encounter this case in my practice. Do you think it is possible to have RR in 30s with normal sats because of partial obstruction with thick mucous (that's why no rattle sound and lung sounds diminished)? You mentioned other findings that would indicate the need for suctioning. Please, clarify. Thank you.
  9. romantic

    lunch break handoffs

    On our floor we don't have anything to prove that you were on you brake except clock in and out, which works for your first half-hour; for the second half-hour, your word against the meal brake nurse. I would expect one to be honest-- we own it to one another. But I also expect you to give a good report to the nurse who will keep an eye on your patients. I want you to tell me: any concerns about any of your patients: "watch this one-- can be restless; can pull IV, etc, can get up and fall; this one can desaturate without NC; low BP in room 200 and doctor knows; etc" One time, I was helping on the floor. One nurse left for the meal brake and didn't tell me about low BP in one of his patients. Doctor called in 5 minutes asking about the patient. I was embarrassed, angry. How can you leave for your brake without telling me about low BP! Nothing bad happened, but could...
  10. romantic

    Dr. Dinosaur

    A very unique sense of humor this one has. very good.
  11. romantic

    To suction or not?

    Thank you. That was my assumption, too. No "rattle". I thought, maybe I am missing something.
  12. romantic

    To suction or not?

    this patient is not considered to be in a critical condition at this time. the patient has been on neuro-tele floor.
  13. romantic

    Certifications - When is it too much?

    Agree, there is no such a thing as too many certifications. But renewal is kind of sucks... expensive. I think, all depend how you like to study. I am a better learner when I know that I can test myself and get a prize -- a new certification.
  14. romantic

    To suction or not?

    Hello all! I need your opinion. You have a patient after ICH with Glasgow coma 8. low grade fever 100.4, taken axillary; 96% on RA; normal BP 123/60; hr 70-80; but tachypneic- rr in 30s; lung sounds diminished, but no wheezing. good cough reflex. normal glucose level. Will you suction? how do you make the decision to suction? based on what findings? don't you think that when airways are obstructed, you should auscultate wheezing? if it is completely obstructed, you should see drop in Sats?
  15. romantic

    Day shift or Night shift

    Night shift is easier compare to the day shift: less hectic, more time to take a look at policies if you need; to call the pharmacist and ask about the medication you know nothing about, or IV compatibility; to check info about your patient's condition; to study new things, to learn new skills like IV insertion, NG tube insertion, etc, because you will have more free time. If you have this choice, start on nights.
  16. romantic

    IV Therapy Help

    Ask to shadow someone. It is the best and easy solution.

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