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This is just a pet peeve rant post. But why do some people who should have a basic education on this call it "oxygen stats/ staturations". Drives me crazy. Ive seen people write it and say it. Its sat!!! Saturation! Ok end... Read More

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    Quote from newboy
    Lozenger instead of lozenge.
    ^^Guilty of this...

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    Quote from djules
    "open laceration"
    I see that all the time lol.
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    What about "dipsnea" instead of pronouncing it as "disp-nea"??
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    I have a fellow nurse who calls me by the wrong name. She calls me Diana, Dena, Donna... Anything but DANA. It isn't that hard, call me by the right name please. She claims it is to hard to remember....how about looking at my name tag?
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    *too hard to remember
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    The dress code at one nursing job banned clothes that were "tethered." I think they meant "tattered."
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    Once had a nursing professor that said and wrote in powerpoints "IB profen" instead of "ibuprofen". Took me a while to figure out she meant ibuprofen and not something else...
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    Quote from Not_A_Hat_Person
    The dress code at one nursing job banned clothes that were "tethered." I think they meant "tattered."
    Well of course you can't wear tethered clothes! If you are tied to the desk and computer, how can you run around answering lights and getting those life saving warm blankets for grandma's visitors?
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    -Insulin Pills

    Those are just a few that crawl all over me lol!
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