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my friend says she has always wore them and was hired. what do you think?:nurse:... Read More

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    let's just say you have the most experienced, the most dynamic, the most beautifully fonted resume and walk in to your interview in scrubs. bravado, really. who could be so stupid to waste one's time. first impressions are a no brainer we learned before nursing school.

    ps.. i had a classmate and myself following nursing school attend a tour of a hospital. she wore blue jeans and a skimpy blouse. man@! and she had the gaul to tell me, "there's a nursing shortage, i don't have to be concerned with my dress!" sheesh, what was she thinking?!:trout:
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    Quote from WinksRN
    my friend says she has always wore them and was hired. what do you think?
    I was always taught to dress one step above what the normal attire is for that position to show you care about your appearance and their impression of you. You wear scrubs to work so a step up, to me, would be a nice pair of dress pants, a comfy blouse or sweater, and a pair of flats. Nothing wrong with going beyond what they expect.
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    ONLY if you explain that you are coming straight from work.

    I wouldn't do it though.
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    my mom always tells me , if your going for an interview dress ABOVE the postiton your applying for.

    it shows that your professional and goal oriented i suppose:spin:
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    At the current place I am working, I had not planned to even meet with the manager that day. I simply went to HR to get an application and fill out the information, fully expecting to get a phone call sometime in the future...I had been out and about that day....the hospital was on my way I was in jeans and a jacket and Nike's....well....the HR lady didn't want me to get away I guess....she called the manager that min. and asked me if I would like to meet with her....I stated , "I am not really dressed for the occasion"....she said, "don't worry....your resume says it all..." so, I went manager, who has been one of the nicest people on the planet, hired me on the spot....full shift....jeans and all....I told her how embarrassed I was....she said, "it's okay....we just didn't want you to get too far away...." So, I guess it can work both ways....but for my comfort, I would have much rather dressed up a bit.
    Guess I will have to dress up for the next one...heheheh!
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    No, you should go in full blown white dress, white shoes and cap. Like in Nurse Betty.
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    Quote from dawngloves
    No, you should go in full blown white dress, white shoes and cap. Like in Nurse Betty.
    or nurse ratchet :trout:
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    My own personal opinion would be to come in nice clothing. Scrubs to an interview? I would feel pretty embarrassed doing that.
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    I'd say no, and that's only because if I didn't make opportunities for my clothes, they'd never come outta the closet! Us nurses just don't get to dress up enough. My office working friends curse business casual - I think of it as a treat!
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    I have 2 interviews that request I wear scrubs. Should I wear colored or print? One is in the NICU the other PICU. Any other advice would be helpful.

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