Officially giving up

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    Is there anything I can do with this nursing degree besides nursing or teaching in nursing?

    It's been 18 months and NO ONE will hire me. I've looked out of state, internationally, even tried to volunteer and I can't !&*^@*$ win. I had a position offered to me then retracted because the manager decided to change the "new grad" position to someone with experience. Every other interview I go on, I always get to the final interview and then told I didn't get it for some BS reason.

    I spoke to a nursing recruiter and told me that I was basically screwed. Mostly because I've been out of school for so long and refresher courses are reserved for those who have had experience but have been out for other reasons. A second recruiter told me to find a new dream.

    This is my second degree, the first is in biology, I have no clinical experience other than what I did in school but my resume is still impressive. I can't believe I wasted three years of of life getting my BSN all for nothing.

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    I wish I could offer you some hope. I believe many hospitals are waiting to see what Obamacare does before hiring more than essential positions. I recommend a head hunter.
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    Are you limiting yourself to a certain type of nursing position?
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    nope. i was willing to do anything.
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    What city do you live in? I'd like to help.
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    I was in the same position as you. What I did was I started looking at private/Medicaid homecare jobs. This led me to a pediatric homecare agency. I don't make as much as a hospital nurse and there are weeks where I don't have any hours because someone is in the hospital but it's something, and I certainly have learned a lot. Have you gone on craigslist to try to find something private? I'm at the point where I want to apply to hospitals but I'm afraid they will disregard my experience and consider me someon e who hasn't worked in 2 years since graduating...I feel for you, I know what you're going through. NO ONE would let me even volunteer! I couldn't get an interview! I hope this helps...if you live in the NY metro area email me, my agency is always looking for nurses.
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    You have a BSN.

    Have you tried the military?

    Indian Health Service? Recruiters - Nursing
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    Always their second choice. I know how that feels.
    I am now in a Refresher Course and will be doing a preceptorship in December (I hope!).
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    So sorry for your frustration. I know hospice agencies are always taking volunteers, might try there. What about the flu shot clinics, I did one right after I became licensed, no experience needed, with phone interview and all training online. I would also suggest networking with your previous classmates for job referrals at their place of employment....Good luck!!!
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    Quote from Mulan
    You have a BSN.

    Have you tried the military?

    Indian Health Service? Recruiters - Nursing

    Military is even harder than civilian nursing to get into by a LONG shot. The pay and benefits are good and with the wars dying down the services are full. Minimum 2 years experience to even have a shot with the Army right now.

    I love when people suggest the military as a last resort when they have no clue what they are talking about.
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