Nursing: Then and Now - page 17

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The nursing profession, as a whole, as well as the role of the nurse have evolved dramatically over the past several decades. I personally have witnessed the changing face of nursing during my 30+ years in the profession. Gone... Read More

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    Quote from sharpeimom
    Our hospital still puts a copy of our local morning paper on each breakfast tray.

    Wow, I wanna be there! Or is that crummy USA Today like you get in the hotels? Well, I never! I gotta follow Mary Worth!

    Gomco was the name of the company that made the suction gadgets. They got called gomcos the way Kleenex got called kleenex.

    I remember as nurses aide (waaaaaay before certification) I would get half a dozen glass liters of saline, six glass ampules of something or other (can't remember), and a syringe. I would unscrew the tops to the bottles, draw up the stuff, inject one amp into each bottle, and then screw the tops on again. They went to the bedside and got screw-on drip tubing for bladder irrigation. I was a nursing student and I did know about sterile technique, and there was only one RN and me for 26 bedridden old ladies, but still ...