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Looking back to when I was in nursing school, and then starting my nursing career, I remember many things that are no longer in use, or things that have transformed over the years. Gone are the days... Read More

  1. by   sallyrnrrt
    Quote from Kitiger
    When I worked on the cardiac floor, we had a lot of patients admitted with chest pain/rule out MI. They were on cardiac monitors, and we kept them on bedrest with bathroom privileges. They were treated with oxygen, NitroPaste, Quinidine, etc, while we waited it out.

    Now, we send them straight to the cath lab, and open up the arteries! They can come in with an acute MI and leave with no damage to the heart.
    yes I remember as I worked CCU in '72, we waited at least six weeks post Mi, to revascularize.....
  2. by   sallyrnrrt
    Quote from Mbfromnb
    Not only did thermometers and sphygs have mercury in them, we used a needle and syringe to put liquid mercury into a rubber pouch at the end of a flexible ng tube and then wormed the pouch down a patient's nose and had them try to swallow it. It was called a Cantor tube and was meant to try to open a bowel obstruction. Now it sounds almost as bad as blood letting or using live leeches!

    When end I worked Texas Heart Center, late seventies, post cv surgery monitored with cvp, art line, foley, and chest tubes, we had a formula on volume replacement, pending data from those measures, and we frequently did 24 hearts a day.....(no typo).....
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    Quote from amoLucia
    I'd be curious what school of nursing they attended with those pointy caps. Anybody got a guess???

    Now it would definitely be that infamous cap that got tangled up in curtains and hanging tubings.
    yes, most were the catholic hospital, diploma programs, as Hotel Dieu in Beaumont, Texas, St Joseph in Houston....
  4. by   WKShadowRN
    Cleaning out boxes in my garage I found a brand new pair (worn twice) pair of Clinics. The nurse who bought them for me saw the size was my size, except in the candadian reading, not US. They're quite tight. But I did wear them, twice (as I said, sorry, pain meds on board).
  5. by   indish
    We placed patients according to smoking or non smoking besides sex
    Light therapy for decubes to dry them out I guess, just remember placing patients on their sides taping their crack open and shining a light on it
    pre op prepping the night before
    day shift preop shaving the top half of the open heart, pm shift shaving the bottom half
    two visitors per patient and no one under 12
    Gold standard five day stay post op total knee!
    lidocaine drips on all the MIs
  6. by   indish
    Oh hey I've used live leeches, and not that long ago!
  7. by   orthonurse55
    I graduated in 1973 and miss wearing my cap. I still prefer wearing white and loved uniforms over scrubs. They look much more professional. I recently retired and was teaching CNA's- we teach them to refer to every patient as Mr. or Mrs. unless the patient requests first name.
  8. by   sallyrnrrt
    Quote from tnbutterfly

    Ah yes..........Clinic brand shoes. I remember them well.

    thet still sell them, I have a pair in my closet