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    THANK YOU!!!
    I'm in my third semester (psych/OB/Peds) and have been assigned to a lot of different nurses by this point. I have been guided, mentored and encouraged by some wonderful nurses and pcts. Even nurses I meet outside of clinical love to quiz me, encourage me and give me advice.

    I appreciate the chances to practice my skills and observe when something is over my head. When I'm on a floor and the nurse seems overwhelmed, I tell her that I want to make her day easier. I am one of those who jump in for transfers, hygiene, and distracting the confused patient.

    Nurses eating their own? I don't think so. I understand it's tough in this job market, but I think this career is worth it.
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    No, thank you.

    Remember this enthusiasm when you are working and you have days from hell. We really are all in this together.
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    Ive have had a good and bad experience. During nursing school the teachers disliked me and I almost got into a lawsuit based on discrimination. I have been a LVN for two years now and I am nice to every person.
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    Ive had the worse to the best instructors. I dont mind strict instrcutors if theyre fair and dont just go pointing out everything you do wrong. Ive had awesome instructors too who just want to help you and instructors whove made my life hell. Today was my first day as an instructor. I tried my best to be kind and fair and help out when needed and to teach everything to know and not be B/ch because ive got authority.
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    Loved your post and your enthusiasm....we need more of that in this field. I wish all of my students were like you....
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    I hang around AN a lot. I just noticed that a lot of students complain about their experiences. It's really not that bad (for most of us). I've been lucky to have my lecture instructors as clinical instructors. I must say, it must be stressful to have 10 newbies running around the floor, doing who knows what? I know us students are in your "house" so to speak, it can't be the easiest thing to clean up after us.
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    Your attitude is refreshing. It can also be I hope your classmates, as well as other students here, will catch it too!

    Beautiful post. Thank you. :heartbeat
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    I love students! I remember not having the greatest clinical experiences but I knew that every single nurse could teach me something. Sometimes they taught me how I didn't want to be when I became an RN. Because of that, I try to make sure to treat students with respect and make sure I try to show or teach them at least one thing while with me (same goes for new staff, new grads, etc) and include them in the patient care. So fun to be the one to share with a student a new lung or heart sound.

    I imagine you are a great student for RN's and classmates to work with. Someday you will be a great colleague to work with.
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    attitude is everything. You go girl!
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    thank you on behalf of all fellow nurses, i just have one thing to ask once you become a nurse yourself, pay it foward , to the new nursing students that you will encounter in the future... as i wish you the best of luck always...aloha~
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