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Hey guys remember how I was dreading coming to work on Monday? I'm starting to wish I'd called in! :( Sorry this is a long post! I've seen doctors verbally abuse nurses, seen them throw tantrums... Read More

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    Quote from rph3664
    These people are in Australia; things may be very different there regarding worker's compensation.
    I guess I should have asked the OP regarding the chain of reports for an injured workerer. I made an assumption (I know, never make assumptions) that she would be able to file a report on this because the OP mentioned that before she left she filed a report on the whole thing. Instead of an incident report she filled out a risk register report.
    I ignorantly equated that as an incident report that could be a WC report/case.
    Thanks for the correction rph3664!! :imbar :imbar

    So, on that they have anything that is comparable to WC,
    L & I in Australia??
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    Yes we have workers comp on Australia. I really don't know much about it because I've never been on it before.

    I personally believe it happened because he was desperate, lost control of the situation and took it out on the nearest person which was the nurse. Yes it may not be his normal behavior but it's no excuse for doing that. she was trying to control bleeding, keep the patients arm from thrashing about and was in no position to help this man.

    This may make me sound like a bad nurse but in this sort of desperate situation, I would never ever yank anyone around, no matter how bad it was. If the patient gets an injury because they woke up thrashing unexpectedly and then that's not good, but I'd rather the patient be injured them any staff member including myself get a permanent injury just because someone in the OR wants to be the big hero. Patient safety is all well and good but IMHO staff safety is equally as important.
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