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What does your facility use to locate you when you are needed elsewhere? As a nurse, do you carry a phone of some sort? Pager? Do you wear those locator thingies (don't know their name, sorry) next... Read More

  1. by   Journey_On
    The hospital at my previous job used the nurse locator devices (nurses had green ones, techs had red ones). We also carried around a Spectralink phone. Like beckster_01 mentioned, I liked how they automatically turned off the call lights when you walked into a patient's room. When a nurse was in the room, the light above the patient's room would turn green (and I think the light would turn orange if a tech was in there). This was really helpful when you were looking for a nurse or tech and could glance down the hallway to see if they might be down there.

    At my current job, we carry around Spectralink phones. They are convenient, but they can be a pain when you're in the middle of something and it goes off.

    Quote from Aurora77
    Our day shift nurses and CNAs carry phones. At night, only the charge nurse carries a phone.
    Sounds kind of nice! I would love to be free of the phone at times.
  2. by   JRP1120, RN
    Can someone please explain what Vocera is? I'm not familiar with it. TIA!
  3. by   turnforthenurse
    When I used to work at The Cleveland Clinic, we had these little locator things that told the HUC where we were at. Nurses and aides/techs wore them. It was just a basic white locator device; they couldn't call you from it. Instead they would call you on the intercom in the room.

    At another hospital, nurses and aides/techs wore Voceras, but only in the ER/critical care areas. They weren't utilized in med-surg or OB; neither were cell phones. If you needed to find someone you would just have to go look for them on the unit!

    At the hospital I work at now, we carry cell phones. Each nurse and CNA gets a number assigned to them.
  4. by   turnforthenurse
    Quote from JRP1120, RN
    Can someone please explain what Vocera is? I'm not familiar with it. TIA!

    That is a Vocera. They also come in white.

    You can call people on it. All you have to do is push that button and say "call [first & last name]" and it will call the person for you. I like the Voceras because you just clip them to your badge or to your uniform. At my hospital we use cell phones and they're kind of the old-school Nokia kind...and it takes up space in my pocket!
  5. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    GPS ankle cuff.

    Not serious, just bein' silly.
  6. by   Poi Dog
    Quote from No Stars In My Eyes
    GPS ankle cuff.

    Not serious, just bein' silly.

    Best answer ever!

  7. by   rnccf2007
    Quote from tokmom
    We have the locator thingies, which I totally love. Even if I'm not around the locator board, all I have to do is look for a green light and I know there is an RN in the room.

    We don't have phones, but Vocera. Can be a pain, when Voscera thinks you said some other name and you have to ask again, but if somebody calls you it is handless. You can be in the middle of something and not have to worry about using your hands.
    Last place that I worked, we had phones. At my current place of employement, we have Hill Rom locators and Voceras. The Vocera is on of the most useless peices of technology ever invented! I have to laugh that some fool is actually making money off of it. Funny to listen to myself and others argue with it. Patients are also amused (and irritated) by it. Some day my Vocera will meet its death (by being slammed into a wall) when I ask for George Washington and Abraham Lincoln comes on the line instead.
  8. by   That Guy
    Locator things.

    And vocera. I LOATHE vocera. Everytime the damn thing pings ughhhh. I dont mind call lights going off and answering them but there is something about the stupid ping that just gets under my skin.
  9. by   klone
    We all carry cellphones

    Pt call lights are programmed right to our phone, and if for some reason the nurse doesn't answer a call light, it will then ring to the tech, then to the front desk.
  10. by   Gold_SJ
    Our facility it seems its in ancient times, we have no idea where a nurse is, you must hunt them down with your own either sense or instinct. Some nurses just give up and hollar your name down the hall. That or people do Marco Polo ^.^;; This is the public system though, government wouldn't spend that much money for ease of location I guess.

    I've worked in some private systems and they had a button you pressed on entering the room, so a green light shows up outside the door. So that was much easier. Intercom is never used in any system I've worked in. Phones are often used in aged care that I remember.