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What does your facility use to locate you when you are needed elsewhere? As a nurse, do you carry a phone of some sort? Pager? Do you wear those locator thingies (don't know their name, sorry) next to your ID badges so the nurses... Read More

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    Locator things.

    And vocera. I LOATHE vocera. Everytime the damn thing pings ughhhh. I dont mind call lights going off and answering them but there is something about the stupid ping that just gets under my skin.

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    We all carry cellphones

    Pt call lights are programmed right to our phone, and if for some reason the nurse doesn't answer a call light, it will then ring to the tech, then to the front desk.
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    Our facility it seems its in ancient times, we have no idea where a nurse is, you must hunt them down with your own either sense or instinct. Some nurses just give up and hollar your name down the hall. That or people do Marco Polo ^.^;; This is the public system though, government wouldn't spend that much money for ease of location I guess.

    I've worked in some private systems and they had a button you pressed on entering the room, so a green light shows up outside the door. So that was much easier. Intercom is never used in any system I've worked in. Phones are often used in aged care that I remember.

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