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I am trying to decide between NSO and Proliability for malpractice insurance. I am not aware of other companies as of now. I understand that malpractice insurance has become essential for every nurse, regardless of area of... Read More

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    I was with NSO for years but when I became a clinical nurse specialist, the yearly rate went up from about 90 a year to almost 900, and Proliability was about 600, so I went with Proliability. However, they gave me a generic nurses' policy and couldn't understand why I needed a policy that covered my new role. I really wasn't sure they understood what I was talking about. The policy said absolutely nothing about my new role, even though when I enrolled there was clearly a difference in rates between the two. Anyway, I figured if this was a problem, I should probably reconsider having their coverage and I went back to NSO without and difficulty from them.

    One thing that does bother me about NSO, though, is that I get mailings from them all the time, advertising other things. I bet they spend most of what a generic nurse sends them to pay for all the mailings. I'd rather get a nice magazine once in awhile.
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