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I'd really like to know how to make a lot of money doing it. I've given it some thought, and I'm asking for practical advice on the matter. For all my idealism, romanticism, and so on concerning the... Read More

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    work in the OR... i MADE 139K Last year staff nurse,
    , lots of ot and CALL

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    CRNA's might make close to that, but I'm sure your talking tuition around $100,000+, intense study, intense competition and being willing to relocate. Hospitals are increasing using more CRNA's then anesthesiologists to save money so you also have the professional conflict between CRNA's & MD's over turf and jobs. It would not be my cup of tea. I'm not that great at IV's and then to have to intubate and be responsible if something goes wrong over the sedation or vocal cord damage. Definitely too high-wire for my stress level.

    I prefer to use strictly my mind, lol, rather than technical things like intubation. They changed ACLS now so you don't need to have to demonstrate intubation anymore and even though it was on dummies and we never do it any real life I was relieved. I've seen a couple patients with swallowing issues one thought to be permanent but luckily I heard recovered, Thank God!

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