No needle nursing?

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    Hi! This is my very first post so im not exactly sure how this works, but I have been trying to figure out what I might want to do as a proffesion. Im only in high school but I love helping people and especially children or babies Anyways, I have been thinking about nursing lately but wasnt sure if i could get over my huge fear of needles!!! Is there ANY type of nurse who doesnt give needles? Or should I choose a different career?

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    In clinicals it is very hard not to deal with needles. That is part of your check offs and skills that you must master. However, even if you could get through all the years of nursing school and clinicals without dealing with needles you will be in contact with them as a RN. Many "non- clinical " jobs require some prior nursing experiences.. I do think this is something you can over come. The needles are not coming at you LOL..

    Oh wait, do you get vaccines?? This is required by many schools and hospitals..
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    Mostly I think you can overcome your fear of needles, especially after you poke a few people and realize that even the deepest biggest needle doesn't hurt the poker, lol.
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    There are plenty of things nurses can do that do no involve needles...however, you will not get through your nursing school clinicals without having doing something with a needle and a person.

    My advice is...get over it I used to have a HUGE phobia but I decided I wanted to be a nurse more than I wanted to let fear control me. One thing I did...i donated blood...cried, wanted to throw up (after taking 4 hours to talk myself into it)...but I did it.

    I now give insulin shots every shift without a second thought
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    Yes, I have to get shots every once in a while, but i dont do it very willingly....... Thanks so much for responding, i guess its something that must get over! Hopefully with time and practice I will get better, because I would love to be a nurse!
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    Fear of needles can be overcome. I went to nursing school with a couple of people that were sensitive about needles. Though I never really had a fear of them, I find that if I do have a problem, it's when I'm not the one holding the needle, for example, if I'm assisting someone else to use it. If I'm in control, I am focused on the task and have no problems.

    It's pretty tough to get through nursing school without wielding a needle.
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    You can get past this! It is SO better to give than receive. I still don't care for having needles pointed in my direction but I've learned not to watch if I'm on the receiving end.
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    I never was "scared" of needles but I never was able to watch them do it, especially when I had to get an IV or draw blood. It just grossed me out more than anything. To this day, I still turn my head when they draw blood on me. But it doesn't gross me out at all when I do it on someone else. You won't be able to avoid needles but you'll get over it. I imagine that most people don't particularly like needles before they become nurses.
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    I used to always have to turn my head when getting a shot or having blood drawn, but now I watch to see if I can learn anything from their technique.

    You can get over it, really and truly. If that's all that's holding you back, I say go for it.
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    Quote from nursemaybee
    Yes, I have to get shots every once in a while, but i don't do it very willingly....... Thanks so much for responding, i guess its something that must get over! Hopefully with time and practice I will get better, because I would love to be a nurse!
    Welcome to AN! The largest online nursing community!

    Honey..... Nobody LIKEs needles. You have so much growing and maturing ahead of you. It will be something you will get over. There is a difference between being stuck and doing the sticking.

    As much as you love helping people. Nursing is a hard profession. Nursing school is a hard school. Caring for babies is also very hard and they will require needles too. You are young....just on the brink of an amazing life.....if you really want to be a nurse you will be one. Nursing is the reality of humanity in all it's glory and ugliness........It's a gut wrenching, heart stopping and rewarding journey.

    RubyVee a frequent writer on AN wrote a great article.
    Do you want to be a nurse? There's more to it than a calling. Here are some questions to consider.

    Visit our forums and hear what the student and nurses have to say. Remember that some come here to vent after really bad remember when it is all said and done they go back to work the very next day and continue on being the nurse they have always wanted to be.

    AN is here when you need us Good Luck!!!!

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