No job security

  1. I feel like I have no job security. There's always threats from managers that they'll write up people for everything under the sun. My managers throw nurses under the bus all the time.

    I go to work every single day worrying that I'm going to get fired for something stupid (oh you didn't fill out XYZ payroll form correctly, you're fired)

    I really need the economy to get better so I can get out of nursing. Does anyone else feel like they're always on the chopping block? I've never been worried about losing a job before, but I feel like this all the time with nursing...
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  3. by   Asystole RN
    No, in fact I feel that my unit needs to expand to manage the increasing amount of demand.

    As in any job, your job security largely demands upon your personal actions and choices. If you are not making yourself indispensable then you are doing it wrong. You do not have to be the best nurse, just better than the curve.

    Threats are a low form of motivation, usually done by someone who does not know what else to do to motivate.
  4. by   BrandonLPN
    I say call their bluff. If they really write nurses up for such stupid stuff, I say getting fired's not such a bad thing. Not all places are like that. Find someplace better.
  5. by   Ruby Vee
    You need a union!
  6. by   RNperdiem
    No, not where I have worked. If anything I see nurses getting a little complacent about protecting their livelhood.
    Working on a unit where management has to make all sorts of threats sounds draining.
    A well managed place tends to hire people who work correctly without threats.
    Some places wonder why they are always hiring and can't keep people.
  7. by   DizzyLizzyNurse
    Time to put out some resumes?