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    Is it possible for night shift to catch up with you? I've done it for a year so far as a new BSN. I thought I was handling it well. I liked the differential, the covered shift parking lot, the pace.

    But I'm back to work after four nights off. They were lousy. I was too sleepy to stay awake for more than a few hours. I missed out on some socializing. No matter how much I sleep, I can't get enough.

    Sound weird to revert to anti night shift like that?

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    Maybe you're just getting sick? Or possibly developing Shift Work Disorder (SWD)?
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    I was thinking it too that you might be coming down with something. Might you also be due for some vacation time?
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    Sometimes I just go in a slump. This past week, I have almost flip-flopped to days when I was off, waking up at 7am, going to bed at 11, feeling good. For the previous three weeks, I was in a total night shift slump. I basically was going to bed at sunrise and sleeping until 7 or 8pm on my days off. I listen to my body and try not to fight it, but I know that's not ideal depending on everyone's situation.
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    I get like that too...some weeks I can be happy & get lots accomplished & then there are weeks I'm in bed every night I'm off & just feeling miserable. I just ride out the lazy/tired/yucky days. If it continues, can you switch to dayshift?
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    It only happens to me IF there is something I try to do on that first day off. If I respect that day as a day of nothing but sleep and rest, I'm always back to normal by early morning on day two....up at 6-7am, normal active day, bed no later than 11pm. Worked for me for the past 11 years that I've been on night shift! So, if there's an event that I'm interested in attending, I make sure to plan my shifts so that I would not be getting off the morning of.
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    I can switch to days pretty easily. My floor is very busy, and most DON'T want to work days on it! However, I am considering it. If I have too many days off in a row, my body flips to a day schedule automatically, making returning to work (like I just did when I first posted this) tough. I'm also just feeling depressed and lonely since my friends and family all work 9-5 jobs

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    Ugh I used to hate that feeling. Groggy, and I never wanted to leave the house on my days off, just lay around and watch movies and sleep. It's a night shift thing but I can't put a name on it.
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    On nights since April and I'm so there...some weeks are very productive, others I do NOTHING on my days off. The idea of making the first day off a day of complete rest is intriguing...I may do that. I will say I am much less tired AT WORK working nights. I very rarely get that mid-shift slump like I did on days after lunch.
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    Oddly, I'm usually very awake for night shifts. I hit a wall around 4am, but it won't last long. But, WeepingAngel, you pretty much described my nights off perfectly!

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