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I have been working on a Med Surg floor @ night for about 8 months now. It's my first job out of nursing school. For the first several months, I was doing okay keeping a night shift schedule when working, then on my few days off... Read More

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    I worked nights for several years and never fully adjusted to the schedule. Here's a link to an article about the negative physiological effects of working night shift:
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    I've worked FT nights for 2 years. I keep a schedule. Even on my days off I don't go to bed before 7 am. It sucks, but it feels better than trying to sleep at night. When people talk about "how nice" it is to have the whole day I have to explain that yes I still need to sleep lol. I sleep when other people are at work, work when other people sleep.

    I approached it like jet lag. I didn't let myself sleep until 7 am no matter how tired I was on my days off until I was used to it. I use a fan to cancel out noise and a sleep mask is my best friend. I also turn my phone off because no matter how many times I asked people not to call unless it's an emergency, people would call anyways.

    I was thinking about going to Thailand later this year. Out of all my friends I'd be the only one not experiencing jet lag!!