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Night nurses: Do you have a sign?

  1. 0 My hubby and I are divided on the subject of having a sign on our front door which says something like "Day sleeper -- Do not knock or ring bell between the hours of 8 AM and 4 PM".

    I want the sign or else the UPS guy rings the bell, the sales people stop by with their cleaner or whatever they sell, or the neighbor lady stops by to borrow an egg.

    My husband worries about the sign, saying that every sicko and rapist will now know that I'm sound asleep and alone. (As if the 100 pound, barking dog won't scare them off.)

    What do you all think? Do you have a sign? If not, how do you prevent the inevitable interruptions?
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    Without a sign people will ring, then knock, if they think you are home. I think it should be up to the person sleeping. I never bothered with a sign, but don't get much traffic anyway. All my family and close friends know better than to wake me. Anyone else I just ignored.
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    Maybe just a large "Do not disturb" sign would work. You could hang it so that it covers the door bell.
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    I used to put up a sign that said, "Baby sleeping, don't even think about knocking." My 'baby' was actually 8, and at school, but I wasn't comfortable with a sign that identified me as a shift worker, thought it may too inviting to thieves..
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    I have a sign with a picture of someone in bed and a lot of zzzz's coming from under the covers. It says, "Shift worker sleeping, do NOT disturb". I have a little suction cup thingy on it so I only put it up with I am sleeping because of night-shift. I have never thought of any safety problems because of it (I guess because I also have a dog who weighs more than a hundred pounds). Without the sign, you WILL be disturbed, I say use it. If you have a big dog, he'll give you plenty of warning if there is any trouble. Both of my dogs come in the bedroom with me when I am on nightshift - we all enjoy a good sleep. If you've got the dog, use the sign. How dangerous will it be when you haven't had a good sleep three days in a row? Let your dog protect you and get some rest.
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    i'm with jax, i think telling people when you will be out of the house(midnights) could invite theives. i do agree with the "baby sleeping" sign, i think that would make a potential doorbell ringer think twice about ringing knowing how pissed off you would be if someone awakened your "baby"!
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    Wow I am quite shocked that I never gave it that much tought. I always had a sign on the door Shift Worker Please !!!! Don't even think about it with a very cranky looking disheveled RN for a pic. I guess because I live in an area where people still will leave their doors unlocked I never thought of the danger of the sign. The only time that I did not have the sign on the door was when I was selling my house. Unfortunately there was a lock box and even though the listing clearly stated that agents MUST have my permission to show the property and that I was a shift worker, one agent thought he should show it without calling. Well I happen to sleep ummmm well naked, and it being summer I was not totally covered up when my bedroom door flew open and the light was turned on. Needless to say the couple and the agent made a quick exit and I did not recieve an offer on my house that day. Guess they did not like what they saw heheheheh

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    i'm with jax, i think telling people when you will be out of the house(midnights) could invite theives. i do agree with the "baby sleeping" sign, i think that would make a potential doorbell ringer think twice about ringing knowing how pissed off you would be if someone awakened your "baby"!
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    How about a "Quaranteened" sign - that should work.

    "Do Not Knock - House Quanteened for (X)"
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    Quote from sunstreak
    how about a "quaranteened" sign - that should work.

    "do not knock - house quanteened for (x)"

    oh, i love this one! you'd never have to worry about being awakened again. will have to remember this :chuckle
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    My husband works nights full-time; I do vacation-relief so do a variety of shifts. For years I've had a sign over my doorbell:" PLEASE Do NOT Ring Bell; KNOCK softly." This has worked well for us. I agree with others who have the concern over possible thieves/rapists and withholding from the sign the info that we work nights. I, too, like the "quarantine" sign idea.
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    No, I don't use a sign but only for security reasons. But I do have a system that works quite well. First of all my windows in the bedroom are totally blackened out (looks just like night in there) I turn the ringer off the phone in my room but turn the answering machine on in the guest bedroom at the other end of the house.(just so I know if I miss something I need to know about) Next I turn the fan on and the stereo on low (that drowns out traffic noise or anyone who may knock on the door) then I sleep like a baby. My family knows if they should need me they can knock on my bedroom window because that is the only thing I will hear. It's well worth the effort.
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    When I worked night I didn't have that problem because in the Scandinavian culture (mostly cities) we call first and then come to visit. Nobody opens the door for strangers so the sales men actually calls insted of going door to door. But I agree that a sign "baby sleeping" would be a good idea because then people would think that there would be someone home 24/7. Take care
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    I have a small sign that I hang over the door bell button that says "Shiftworker Sleeping. Ring at Your Own Risk". I'm not at all worried about the security aspect since my husband and son are home when I'm not and between the deadbolts and the dog, nobody gets into my house without me knowing. Just ask my respite provider!