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needlestick from hep c and HIV + patient

  1. 0 i'm scared as crazy but i gave an insulin shot to pt, moves his arm and needle hits my left finger. i was wearing gloves. i took the gloves off asap, went to squeeze the finger and teeny microscopic dot of blood came out, i washed my hands, told the charge nurse, was sent to the ed, labs taken, next thing i know i was given the hiv drugs and i started within 2hrs after the stick. i'm really scared but anyone have stories to encourage me and make me feel better. i mean i keep asking the guy at the er what are my chances, i asked the lady at employee health what are my chances. under normal circumstances, i'd refuse these hiv meds but since the pt is high risk, i guess a little gi upset with the diarrhea i'm currently having is worth it.
    Has anyone had a similar experience, i call my mum to get some comfort and she's yelling at me over the phone for making this mistake. So much for comfort!
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    My microbiology instructor (has a PhD) told us in class that studies show the chances of contracting HIV from one contaminated needle stick from an individual postive for HIV/AIDs is somewhere around 1 in 200. I'm a senior nursing student, and took this course in the fall of 2006, that figure has stuck with me throughout my school career, because that's always been one of my biggest fears. Granted, I can't cite a source for such studies. So take this for what it's worth. I have always viewed that particular instructor with high regard, he is very intelligent. So personally, I trust him. I hope this gives you some comfort.
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    I'm sorry that I can't provide you any stats or applicable studies, but I did want to stop in to encourage you not to feel badly about what happened. It was an accident, and you're doing all you can to avoid any complications.



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    I have read that the chances are quite slim that you'll be infected. But my best thoughts and prayers are with you. Best to you.
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    not sure about your chances, just read recently that they are very very slim.
    However, wanted to give you some encouragement and ((((((((((proverbs 16:3))))))))))
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    Our needle-stick packet has all kinds of info on this. I'm at home though. But I've had two needle sticks so I've read it before. If I remember right the papers say HIV is 0.01% chance an Hep C was about 1%.
    Like I said, this is from memory...
    Hope all is well with you.
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    Yes the chances are quite small anything bad will happen. Also you went on proper medication within 2 hours of the accident, this helps even more. I wish your mother was more supportive and understanding. Remember, we are all here for you
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    Proverbs, I feel our pain. I"m really sorry. Is the pt is positive for HIV and HCV. happened to me on 02/13/09, was putting IV to a guy missed it and put it on the side when I moved my hand it structed me on the top of my finger.went to ER, blood test and started the meds (BTW those meds are horrible make you sick all the time) I found the results after 5 days of hell, the source was negative for both HIV and HEP C. Any way I read about the transmission HIV is 0.3% chance to be transmitted through needle stick, HEP C 3% and HEP B 30 %. also depend of other factors : HOW deep the injury, visible blood on the needle, the gauge of the needle. the meds even lower the chance of the transmission of HIV. talk to infectious disease doctor. my thoughts and priers are with you.
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    yes, the guy IS positive for both. The needle was a tiny fine gauge needle. it was a sub Q injection and i'm 100% sure it went in sub Q but what guy is on heparin, i gave him a heparin shot in morning as well, what if he's bleeding into that sub Q space.
    yeah, the meds are insane, i started today and i was nauseated earlier but now, the diarrhea is the bulk of my problem. The ER gave me epivir and retrovir and i took that before going to employee health where the PA said the cdc hotline recommended i be put on a 3 drug regimen considering my source. So i took kaletra and travuda? (may have spelled that wrong but i's a combination of 2 drugs.) so all n all, i've had 5 different hiv drugs in my system today. i don't even feel like eating anything because gracious! is it worth it?!
    Thanks for all your encouragement though. This is a little beyond depressing and scary. Lord have mercy but i'm prolly gonna stay in bed brooding till they call me with the first test results tomorrow. I have faith God will deliver and save me. I'm going to keep on praying.
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    Hugs!!! I'm so sorry. I think it's a big fear of most nurses. Try not to beat yourself up.
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    I'm so sorry. I'm sure that physically you will be fine, though I know something like this is very damaging in a psychological sense. Prayers to you!
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    Just wanted you to know that I am sending many prayers your way! May God comfort you during this difficult time!
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    I read somewhere on here a long time ago that even if you had no treatment..the chances of you contracting anything even with a known stick, is less than 1%.

    However, if you have a sexual partner (boyfriend, spouse, etc), prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    I commend you for taking the HIV preventive drugs...I know the SE's can be harsh, but to me, not a chance worth taking. I would gladly spend a weekend puking my guts out.

    You did the right thing.