Need some advice please from Nurses.....

  1. Dear Nurses,
    I am trying to get my life back after a hard divorce. That was my trigger or so the doctor tells me. I have one class left for LVN school and another after that to start either nursing school. LVN or RN at the two year level. I am leaning more to doing the LVN route and then working. I was told I had Bi-polar disorder from brain surgery that I had at age 12 and I am now 42. I am on my third medication and I am stable now and have been for over two years except that my medications are making me ill and I finally this past month have found a medication that has not made me ill, has made me not sleep to much, and has had no side effects! Thank GOD!

    Anyway, My father went to a family reunion recently and started talking to my cousin who is a nursing recruiter for hospitals and he told my father that hospitals will not hire people (RN's) with Bi-polar disorder and that I will have this information attached to my license when I apply for jobs. He went on to tell my father that I could be an LVN with no issue. I want to become an LVN first but later am RN, and want to know the truth as NURSES that work as NURSES see it please. I currently work as a CNA and as a direct support professional in an adult home setting and I perform care of patients with issue. I do have to manage my stress, but I know that my patient is always first as soon as I punch in to work.

    Please give me some solid good factual advice and thank you!
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  3. by   martinalpn
    Just check with your board of nursing and see what their position is ask them straight forwardly and they will tell you under what conditions and or restrictions if any that may be required
  4. by   loriangel14
    I don't see that your illness is any of their business as long as it doesn't affect your work. I do work with a lady that is bipolar and she manages just fine. A few of her close friends at work are aware but I don't think she has revealed it to management.
  5. by   xtxrn
    Some boards of nursing do ask about some specific disorders- but all they want is to know you're stable (public safety issues)...get a note from the doc, and you should be ok. THey may require periodic updates, but there are working nurses with bi-polar disorder. But look at your specific states' requirements. THere is nothing ON the license itself.... and I've never heard that the board reported to an employer- if there is some sort of requirement to comply with the BON's monitoring, there may be some sort of flag on your license- but it would still be a valid license.

    It's a pain, but not unheard of
  6. by   Marshall1
    Being a stable bi-polar won't be an issue...sounds like your meds are working so stay w/them, concentrate on finishing school and unless you are asked about ANY health issue there is no need to volunteer anything. As others have posted, when you apply for your license, depending on your state, may mean you have to submit further documentation but otherwise...ignore the information you are hearing as it's not factual and sounds more like the ignorant personal opinion re: mental health issues of a nurse manager.
  7. by   oshkosh20
    In Texas they will ask when applying for an LVN or RN licensure if you have ever been treated for a mental disorder. Which Bipolar would be included. From what I have heard, you will have to go through a "process", like having your doctor submit paperwork, etc. They do not list restrictions on your license because of illnesses from what I have seen. Call or get on the website for the State board you would be applying to and find out what their requirements are. Good LUCK!
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  9. by   VolunteerCPR
    What prevents someone from just saying No, they've never been treated for a mental disorder? Health records are not public information. It's not like a criminal record that would show up on a background check. I don't understand the whole 'the information would be attached to the license' concept, because unless someone disclosed it on the application, I don't see how they could ever find out. Am I wrong?
  10. by   maelstrom143
    If it is a question attached to licensing and/or employment, and answered falsely, it can be immediate grounds for termination &/or penalties.
    Find out from your BON how your illness affects you and go from there. I have met many nurses over the years, several of whom had BP disorder. It did not affect their practice in any way that I could see. jmo.
  11. by   checker1981
    I went for my nursing license in 2 states. I don't remember seeing any questions about my health.

    I did have to get a physical and cleared by a physician prior to starting on my unit/hospital. They asked me what meds I take and what illnesses I had. Maybe you could find someone who works in occupational health and ask them if they see a lot of nurses with mental health illness.

    I cannot imagine that bi-polar disorder would exclude you exclusively from nursing. When I did my various clinical experiences I saw bi-polar disorder with varying levels on the health continuum.
  12. by   diva rn
    I do not recall ever being asked about mental conditions in regard to licensure, however, my initial license was rather a long time ago. (This was for Florida, but in 2000, I got a license for Indiana and was not asked about anything pertaining to mental illness then, either)
    I do work with 2 diagnosed bipolar nurses who work without restrictions or problems. They both take medication and are stable.
    I agree with Esme that there certainly cannot be any discrimination attached.
    Good luck to you.