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I have just made a terrible mistake in my profesional carreer. I tried to cover up a mistake that I made earlier in the shift by throwing two narcotic pills into the sharps container. I then proceeded to lie for several days... Read More

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    I tried to cover up a mistake (terrible decision) but my complaint will be diverting narcotics, which were recovered. I did not take them or sell them and DHEC is not involved and fraudulent charting because I charted that I gave the meds, which I underdosed the pt. No one was hurt and the narcotics were recovered. I made the worst mistake and I will pay for it. I admit that I was wrong and there should be some sort of punishment.
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    You may not lose your licensing during the investigation. But you probably will not be able to practice unitil the verdict. It may be revoked and/or suspended. You may have to go to rehab of some kind. You may only can practice in the state you received your license. It could be a number of things. You may want to review you state board of nursing website to view similiar cases. Then you can get a idea what your punishment may be. Good luck. Keep us posted.
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    Have you posted your thread in the Nurses and Recovery Forum?