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  1. Like most people i think its ok to wear holiday earrings, pins or if its allowed a reasonable holiday scrub top. The other night I wore a Halloween scrub top and got a lot of festive comments on it, but a full costume wouldn't really be appropriate for a hospital setting (besides peds).
  2. kae2010

    Young Looking Nurses

    As long as you look and act confident in what your doing you'll be fine. I've only had a hand full of patients make harmless comments about my age, and in my case its funny because I'm a lot older then I look. I was also told to not advertise my new grad status to my pts, so I always said I was new to the unit if I was asked. Good luck and don't sweat the small stuff.
  3. kae2010

    Determining Years of Experience

    Usually those refer to years of experience as a nurse, however that doesn't mean you shouldn't apply for the job. I applied to every job I saw regardless of the posted years of experience, and I actually got hired right out of school on a floor which wanted 2 or more years of experience. My only advice is don't apply for a position which requires a particular certification you do not have or couldn't get. If it just states experience then apply because you never know what could happen and if you don't try its an automatic NO.
  4. kae2010

    Can they fire you for not picking up overtime?

    Don't feel bad because your not required to do it and I don't think they'll fire you but if you can manage to pick it up from time to time I'd do it. Like someone else said showing your willing to help every now and then makes it easier to find coverage when you really need the day off, so its something to think about for the future.
  5. This is 100% correct. I too want either the NICU or the ED but I was more then happy to accept a job in Med/Surg after applying to over 100 different positions and hearing almost nothing back. When your ready, apply to your dream jobs and the realistic jobs because you never know what can happen.
  6. kae2010

    Frustrated at being new!

    I'm new like you and often have the same feelings, but we need to take each day as a learning experience and understand it will get better and easier for us with time. In regards to the age comments, I always smile and say "I look a lot younger then I a truly am" and usually they smile back and move on. In my case most people assume I'm in my early 20's since I just graduated but i'm in fact in my late 20's. Whatever the case, age doesn't matter so try and ignore those comments from your patients and coworkers. :)
  7. kae2010

    It seems probie's can't take a joke or laugh

    Think back to your first day as a new RN and try and remember how scared and clueless you felt. It's overwhleming no matter your personality.
  8. kae2010

    Hiring Process at Healthsouth?

    OMG that is GREAT news and I'm glad I could help you out. I wish you nothing but luck in your new position/career
  9. kae2010

    Can an RN be be an nursing assistant?

    It really depends on the state and the hospital, but most do not allow it. I graduated in May and had to resign from my job as a NA once my NCLEX results were in. The hospital and the BON said it caused too many gray areas when it came to legal scope of practice. Good luck but don't give up on RN positions.
  10. kae2010

    Hiring Process at Healthsouth?

    No problem, I know how hard it is for new grads (or nurses in general) to get jobs in this economy so I was happy to help. Also in this field its all about team work and networking amongst other nurses. Good luck and you'll have to post an update when you get one. FYI - you'll be able to send private message after you do about 15 posts. :)
  11. kae2010

    Does this happen to you?

    I second this !00%
  12. kae2010

    Hiring Process at Healthsouth?

    your welcome and i know how frustrated you are, but hang in there because either they will call or something better will come along. i applied to everything under the sun after graduating in may and i waited the entire summer without hearing a word, and then in the middle of august everything changed. the first to call was healthsouth which was a huge surprise to me since i applied to them back in june. since i knew the reality of new nurse positions in nj i set up an interview with each place that called, not matter the shift, the position or the distance from my house. if you’re getting calls from other places go on the interviews because you don't want to put all your hope into one offer. to be honest i even went on one last interview after verbally accepting my position because everyone told me this other "bigger name" hospital was better then the place i accepted a job at (it wasn't and i definitely made the better choice). if you get an offer from somewhere else before hearing from hs, don't immediately turn it down because it’s not your 1st choice. usually you can ask for a few hours to a few days to think about it before accepting, that way you can at least call hs one last time. out of pure curiosity is it the hs in toms river because if so i can message you a few numbers to the people in hr who called me because it could be a different # then you have. let me know and good luck.
  13. kae2010

    Hiring Process at Healthsouth?

    HealthSouth is a little slow with their hiring process, so hang in there and don't get frustrated. I applied for a position with them in June got interviewed in mid-August and they finally called me back to finish the hiring process/other paperwork last week. I ended up turning the position down because I was offered one much closer to my house, and I honestly didn't expect them to call since there was a big delay in contact. Good luck and hang in there, because they will call you eventually.
  14. kae2010

    I'm in a jam - need some insight

    My only suggestions is don't burn any bridges by moving without being 100% positive about this guy. Also have a job lined up out there before you even think about moving because you never know what can happen. Good luck
  15. kae2010

    Did you get anything?

    My sister's bought me a Pandora bracelet for my Pinning Ceremony/Graduation and my husband got me an RN bead to put on it after I passed the boards.