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:chair: I worked in a drug rehab, was caring and compasionate to the residents and was calming thru detox. Patients male and female would ask for me and even call for me to tell me they were doing well in recovery. They would... Read More

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    The D.O.N. told me that kindness was like a drug to an addict or drink to an alcoholic, as it's "enabling and comforting" to them. I was told that they need to be reminded of the F ups that they are, not praised for seeking help.
    Whoa! What a turkey!

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    I wonder if we were to put down a 'no' when asked if they could contact, if that would be a red flag anyway. Hmm. These things get tricky don't they. I have 2 prior employers who would not hire me back...nor would I GO back...LOL!

    I always list they can contact them, (HR) but keep handy several references who can attest to my competence so they don't just go by HR's 'would not rehire'. If they have questions, keep the explanation simple as in ' I wasn't a good fit' if possible. If you feel you made a mistake, its best to own up to it and show how you would do things differently.

    'Too young and sweet to work with addicts'...well possibly true if she feels you are being manipulated (there was a thread here awhile back about what kind of nurse should be in addictions and corrections that touched on this issue)

    Did she try and counsel you/mentor you in the job if she felt there was a problem? Seems she should have but I am not surprised ..lots of bytchy nurses out there who gravitate to management where they can have power. I don't understand why some wish to hurt the reputation of another nurse..I would never do that unless there was a blatant problem resulting in harm to a patient.

    But...I was told I was 'too nice' to be a supervisor once too so I know how you feel.

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