misrepresented by past employer

  1. I worked in a drug rehab, was caring and compasionate to the residents and was calming thru detox. Patients male and female would ask for me and even call for me to tell me they were doing well in recovery. They would say that I was the only nurse who truly cared about them, and that it showed. :angel2:
    My d.o.n. accused me of being flirtatious. I assured her that I did not have that intention of flirting with drug addicts and alcoholics, but I treat every one with compassion and respect.
    Somehow I was set up and she told me that a male client had my phone number in his file. So I would have to leave. For 1 I did not give out my number, 2 it was unlisted anyway, 3 the clients don't access their own charts ANYWAY!!!
    To make a long story short, I am over a thousand miles from that job, as my husbands job was transferred to another state. I apply for a job, listed that job as experience, a year past. I found out that potential jobs call that D.O.N. and she tells them that she would not rehire me!! :angryfire
    Thus representing me in a very negative way, although I had never had a med error nor any disciplinary actions in 10 years of nursing, including at that job :angel2:
    Someone please give me some feedback to deal with this great anger and disappointment of cruilty!
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  3. by   stbernardclub
    when you fill out a application, tell them you do not want your previous employer contacted. Its on the application, so just mark no and see what happens.Good Luck!
  4. by   bargainhound
    Reference some other professional who knew your work at that place of employment
  5. by   ICUnowOHN
    Do you have any friends that are attorneys ? She could use a little "keep your attitude to yourself, and stick to your ability to do your job" elbow jab letter. She sounds like she has some kind of issue/personality conflict. She should be ashamed of herself.
  6. by   ICUnowOHN
    Where is she, and how can we help make her a little uncomfortable ( see my avatar )
  7. by   akcarmean
    I agree with some of the suggestions above. I would leave off that employer. If THEY as about what so long of not working then you can explain in person the situation and the conditions and let the DON make a decision for herself after hearing your side and the if she does call the company she already knows your side b/c your interview was first and she wasn't warped by someone else personal instead of professional opinion. JMO

  8. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    You could had a lawyer send a "cease and desist" letter. That is, if she has mentioned anything about the allegation that you gave your # to a pt, or was flirting.
    If all she is saying is that she would not rehire you, I don't think that's illegal. This woman sounds like a real creep.

    I just had a falling out with my old boss- I just quit my job. I knew I didn't want to put her name down on apps. So, I asked another supervisor and two other RNs where I worked if I could put there names down. I have been doing this and it's been working out ok.
  9. by   meownsmile
    I dont think any lawyer will help. The employer is within their legal rights. All they ARE allowed to say is whether they would or would not rehire the individual. If in fact they are going into detail about why they wouldnt hire you that is another issue all together. It's up to you to get the evidence of exactly what was said and by whom, then you might have a legal issue. But legally,, all they can say is what dates you worked there (hire and last date worked) and what your rehire status is.
    I would avoid putting this employer on my resume. If there is a hole, like someone else said, give another professional that knew your work while you were there and give them as a reference. Request that the prospective employer not contact that employer for reference. That is within your legal right. But it doesnt mean they cant just because you asked them not to.
  10. by   missrhonda
    thank you all so much for your input and support. When I listed the job as previous employment, I seriously did not consider that she would would not "rehire" me, considering the loyalty, dependability and accuracy of the work I did for her. Thanks again for the advice, I am not going to list the job again, but unfortunately, I wonder if this has prevented me from obtaining any new work. I do have something lined up, thank goodness, and I will prove my work ethics to them. it's great to have this site as support.
  11. by   missrhonda
    funny you should ask where she is!!! she is in fact, in Michigan!! and there is more to the story than the short version. she had told me that residents could mistake my friendliness because I am, and I quote, " young, and blond, and pretty" !!!! I told her that it sounded like discrimination and harrassment. She had it in for me since then. I was very hurt because I enjoyed the job and worked hard. Please take note, anyone who wants to work in drug rehab or psych, I guess being compassionate and caring does NOT belong in a place like that. The D.O.N. told me that kindness was like a drug to an addict or drink to an alcoholic, as it's "enabling and comforting" to them. I was told that they need to be reminded of the F ups that they are, not praised for seeking help.
  12. by   boulergirl
    The D.O.N. told me that kindness was like a drug to an addict or drink to an alcoholic, as it's "enabling and comforting" to them. I was told that they need to be reminded of the F ups that they are, not praised for seeking help.
    Whoa! What a turkey!
  13. by   mattsmom81
    I wonder if we were to put down a 'no' when asked if they could contact, if that would be a red flag anyway. Hmm. These things get tricky don't they. I have 2 prior employers who would not hire me back...nor would I GO back...LOL!

    I always list they can contact them, (HR) but keep handy several references who can attest to my competence so they don't just go by HR's 'would not rehire'. If they have questions, keep the explanation simple as in ' I wasn't a good fit' if possible. If you feel you made a mistake, its best to own up to it and show how you would do things differently.

    'Too young and sweet to work with addicts'...well possibly true if she feels you are being manipulated (there was a thread here awhile back about what kind of nurse should be in addictions and corrections that touched on this issue)

    Did she try and counsel you/mentor you in the job if she felt there was a problem? Seems she should have but I am not surprised ..lots of bytchy nurses out there who gravitate to management where they can have power. I don't understand why some wish to hurt the reputation of another nurse..I would never do that unless there was a blatant problem resulting in harm to a patient.

    But...I was told I was 'too nice' to be a supervisor once too so I know how you feel.